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Alan Santini


Alan is a poet writer from South Africa and a contestant of Fox’s reality show , Labor of Love . The writer hails in Los Angeles .

Alan Santini Age

Alan was born in 1981 South Africa , however , exact Date of birth is not known .

Alan Santini Career

Alan is a poet Writer, and a TV personality . He has an Instagram account dedicated to some of his work , @theedgeofeverything. Here you can find some of his poetic work and writing .

Alan Santini Labor of Love

Alan is among the 15 contestants of Fox’s reality show , Labor of Love , which brings them together to showcase their parental and relationship skills . A 42-year-old , Kristy Katzmann will be the center of the men’s attention as they try to impress her with their skills . The mother to be will be tasked to choose one of the contestants to father her children by the end of the show . She , however , will continue with her quest to be a mother should any of these 15 men fail to impress her .

His fellow contestants include Marcus Lehman , Trent Broach , Kyle Klinger , and Walker Posey .

From the first episode of the show , the audience gets to know that he has 317 million “active swimmers .” Coming from South Africa , his accent is charming .

The writer got Kristy Katzmann’s name wrong by referring to her as Cindy while hanging out with the other guys at a barbeque party . Following this , one of the other contestants snitched on him by telling Kristy . Kristy had a serious chat with him . However , the poet had a chance to redeem himself with the bear drill because he rose to the task . He protected Kristy from the “bear” and she was left impressed earning him points as a father who would protect their children in the future should he be the chosen one .
Eliminated after stealing Keith Reams Idea in “Some Like it Extra Hot” episode

He was eliminated in episode 4 “Some Like it Extra Hot” after going on a date with Kristy . This was after he somehow stole Keith Reams’ idea of cooking Kristy a meal and took a bowl of food to her . The gesture impressed Kristy choosing him and Gary for her next date . Keith was angry when Alan stole his idea that he had been talking about for days . He was seen throwing things when Santini went ahead of him to surprise Kristy with the same idea . The other gentlemen seemed to agree with Keith that Alan was wrong to steal the idea .

Kristy said Alan concentrated on the other guys’ feelings while they were on a date instead of focusing on her and turned her off. In this , episode , Matt Kaye was also eliminated .

 Alan Santini Net Worth

alan Net Worth estimates is still under review , this section shall be updated once information is available .

Alan Santini Family

Alan Family background and details is not known , however he has two younger brothers and two nephews and 3 nieces . According to his Instagram posts, he is close to his mom and family .

Alan Santini Husband

Alan has kept his love life and relationship private , this section shall be updated once information is available .

Alan Santini Education

Alan Education background and standards is not known publicly , this section shall be updated once information is available .