Arun Maurya (Atiq Ahmed’s Killer) Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Biography & More

Arun Maurya


Arun Maurya is an Indian criminal whose name became media headlines when he, along with his two aides, gunned down the mafia-turned-politician brothers Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed in full media glare in Prayagraj.


Arun Maurya aka Kalia was born in 2005 (age 18 years; as of 2023) in Baghela Pukhta Village of Soron district in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, India as per one source and in Vikas Nagar, Panipat, Haryana, India as per another source. While talking to the media, his paternal aunt Lakshmi claimed that he left his village and went to Kadarvadi in Soron around 15 years ago after the death of his parents and never returned; however, as per another source, he grew up in Panipat and left his studies after passing 10th standard.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Weight (approx.): 55 kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black


He was born into a middle-class family.

Parents & Siblings

As per one source, his father’s name is Hiralal, and his mother’s name is Savita, and both died 15 years ago; however, as per another source, his father’s name is Deepak Kumar Maurya who worked at an agricultural farm in Panipat and returned to Kadarvadi village in Kasganj and ran a Chaat stall in the village, and his mother’s name is Kela who is a homemaker. One source claimed that he has two younger brothers named Dharmendra and Akash who worked as junk collectors in Faridabad ; another source claimed that he has a brother named Aniket and a sister named Sapna, and while talking to media, his aunt Lakshmi said that he has two brothers named Ravindra and Akash, who do farming and two sisters named Shivani who died a few years ago and Neelam who is married.

Wife & Children

He allegedly married a Muslim girl in Delhi and often visited her.

Other Relatives

His grandfather’s name is Mathura Prasad who went to Panipat, Haryana from Kadarvadi village in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh in 1988. As per one source, his paternal uncle’s name is Megh Singh Maurya, and his paternal aunt’s name is Lakshmi who live in Baghela Pukhta Village, Kasganj; however, as per another source, his paternal uncle’s name is Sunil.

First Run-in With Law

It was alleged that he killed a GRP (Government Railway Police) official named Naveen Chaudhary in 2014-2015 while looting a running train between Ujhani to Soron on the Kasganj Bareilly-Farrukhabad railway section. Some media reports claimed that Panipat Police arrested him in February 2022 for illegal possession of a gun, which he purchased from Atul, a resident of Kadarvadi, Kasganj, for Rs 3000. He spent a few months in jail and was granted bail. He later assaulted a person and fled to Kadarvadi from Panipat and returned to Panipat and worked at a factory on Kutani Road.

Murdering Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed

On the night of 15 April 2023 at 10:30 pm, Arun and his two other accomplices named Lovelesh Tiwari of Banda, Uttar Pradesh and Sunny Singh of Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh killed the feared mafia-turned-politician brothers, Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed, when the duo was going to the MLN College in Prayagraj for a medical checkup. The brothers were accused of killing Raju Pal and Umesh Pal and several other criminal activities. The trio of killers posed as journalists and shot at them from close range and killed them on the spot. They were overpowered and captured by Police while they were heard chanting Surrender and Jai Sri Ram. It was revealed that during the initial interrogation, Arun and his accomplices said that they wanted to become famous by killing the notorious brothers. Later interrogations revealed that they were paid Rs 3 crores for murdering Atiq and Ashraf. Police said that they were also questioning Arun and his aides regarding the Turkiye-made Jigana and 9-mm Girsan pistols used in murder as these cost Rs 6-8 lakhs, and these pistols are banned in India, and also regarding the fake ID, mic, and camera. A case was filed against him and other two killers under IPC sections 302 (punishment for murder) and 307 (attempt to murder). Section 144 was imposed in Uttar Pradesh after the murders, 17 policemen tasked with the protection of the Ahmed brothers were suspended, and the killer trio were sent for 14-day judicial custody.

Ashraf Ahmed with his brother Atiq Ahmed going for a medical check, a few seconds before Lovelesh, Sunny, and Arun shot them dead

Arun Maurya was captured by Police after killing Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed


  • He has one bigha ancestral land in his village.
  • His aunt and neighbours expressed shock after they came to know about Arun’s involvement in Atiq’s murder and said that he never talked to anyone in the village and was extremely reserved.
  • During childhood, when he left his village and lived in Kadarvadi, he used to beg to feed himself.