Who Is Professional Gamer, boombl4: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height


Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhailov’s wife, Rika “LiQueen” Mikhailova, has exposed him to drug use. He said that he is being blackmailed by “numerous photographs/videos” on social media. This story has received a lot of attention on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The reason behind this case is particularly fascinating for the public. Who Is Professional Gamer, boombl4: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height.

Who Is Boombl4 On Reddit?

Navi Player “Boombl4” is a professional gamer from Russia. In the game of the same name, he goes by the alias Rifler. Natus Vincere, a major esports organization based in Ukraine, features the player as part of its team. The crew has won three global tournaments in one year.

Kirill Mikhaylov, also known as Liqueen, is 22 years old and a professional gamer from Russia. A professional gamer was born in Russia on December 20, 1998. He’s been gaming for more than five years now. According to her Instagram bio, she is a family doctor. She is a health junkie that is well-versed in nutrition and beauty tips. Even though LiQueen has yet to reveal her identity, we may find out soon. Boombl4 is one of the greatest guns in Counter-Strike games. He’s also won three major titles and a slew of minor ones.

boombl4 Height & Weight

How tall is boombl4? He has a tall height of 5 ft 8 in) matching his body weight of 68 Kg. His hair color is black and his eye color is also black. He has got a healthy body at present. Moreover, he has inked a lot of tattoos on his body.

Who Is Boombl4’s Wife?

In response to the allegations leveled against him, Boombl4 apologized to his Telegram followers on video for “everything posted on the internet.” He is ashamed of what has happened. The player also stated that he had no control over it and would provide more information later. In a video uploaded to YouTube, Karpov claimed that he had been “blackmailed” by “a lot of photos and videos.” He also stated that a defamation claim would be filed “soon,” according to Russian news outlet R-Sport.

boomble4 Divorce

After just five months of being married, the LiQueen and Boombl4 marriage came to an end. After NAVI won the PGL Major Stockholm, Boombl4 proposed to LiQueen on stage. On April 21, LiQueen stated that she was seeking a divorce from Boombl4; however, days later she announced their reconciliation. On May 28, Boombl4 was fired from the NAVI team due to the company’s “high reputational risk.”