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Cristiana Sinagra


Cristiana Sinagra is a Neapolitan woman who is the former lover of Diego Maradona, an Argentine footballer, and mother of Diego Sinagra, an Italian footballer.


Christiana Sinagra was born in 1965 (age 55 years; as of 2020) in Naples, Italy.

Physical Appearance

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Blonde

Family & Ethnicity

Parents & Siblings

Her father’s name is Alfredo Sinagra.

Cristiana Sinagra’s Parents

She has a sister named Francesca Sinagra.

Cristiana Sinagra with her Sister

Relationships & Children

In 1985, she met Diego Maradona in Italy when he was playing for S.S.C. Napoli. Maradona was married to Claudia Villafañe at that time. They dated each other for six months and broke up when Maradona came to know that Christiana was pregnant with his child.

Cristiana Sinagra with Diego Maradona

She gave birth to Diego Maradona’s son, Diego Sinagra, an Italian footballer, on September 20, 1986. She raised Diego Sinagra as a single mother.

Cristiana Sinagra with her Son

Diego Sinagra married Nunzia Pennino, and from their marriage, Christiana has a grandson named Diego Matías Maradona and a granddaughter.

Cristiana Sinagra with her Grandchildren


  • Diego Sinagra bore his mother’s last name and was subjected to humiliation when it came into media attention that he was Maradona’s child. He was not recognized by his father, Maradona, even after his paternity was recognized by an Italian court in 1993. The father and son met for the first time in 2003 during a golf tournament in Fiuggi, Italy. In 2007, Maradona reportedly accepted that Diego Sinagra was his son, but his lawyers denied it. In 2016, Maradona accepted Sinagra (Diego) as his son.

    Diego Sinagra with his Father, Diego Maradona

  • Although it is believed that Maradona first walked out of their relationships, in an interview, Christiana said that it was she who broke up with him. Giving her reasons, she said,

    It was I who walked away when I realized that there were too many people around us who were hindering us. I sensed that the world around him was too big not to overwhelm him, and not to leave room for our love. He left for the World Cup, afterwards we also spoke a few times. He knew I was pregnant, Diego had wanted us to be together.”

  • After it was revealed that she had a relationship with Diego Maradona, and she bore a son with him, many news portals called her for an interview. She appeared in Italian talk shows like Maurizio Costanzo Show (1993) and Los ángeles de la mañana (2016).
  • In 2019, she appeared in the British documentary film ‘Diego Maradona’ in archived footage of her.

    Christiana Sinagra in a Still from the Documentary ‘Diego Maradona’ (2019)