Where Is ‘Called 911’ Dylon Peterson? Family Stabbing Case Explored

Dylon Peterson

Dylon Peterson is a criminal who is serving in prison, as in 2023. He has given life sentence imprisonment of 57 year for the murders of Mathew Nagle, 15, and his 45-year-old mother, Sandra Torrell. He has left with 41 years of imprisonment. In April 2007, he pled guilty to two charges of first-degree murder and consented to a jail sentence of more than 57 years.

The dead body was found at a duplex in 2901 K Street in Vancouver on January 7, after Peterson called 911 and claimed he had stabbed two individuals. Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement saw a gruesome sight that sent chills down their spines. The lifeless body lay motionless on the floor surrounded by a pool of dark blood.

Peterson’s frantic attitude and the horrifying confession he made to the emergency operator only raised the mystery about the incident. As investigators carefully combed through the duplex for evidence, the neighborhood was left in shock and disbelief, struggling to figure out the tragedy.

Is Dylon Peterson Still In Jail?

Yes, Dylon R. Peterson is serving in Jail and also did not speak during his sentence, leaving the victims’ families with unanswered concerns about why he did it.

Dylon Peterson Before Murder

Dylon Peterson used to reside with Nagle and stabbed him in the neck while Nagle was sleeping. He also stabbed Torrell, who did not live there but was staying the night. Till date, it is not clear why her murdered 45-year-old lady and her 15-year-old son in a yellow duplex in the Rose Village neighborhood.

Dylon Peterson Full Story Explored

Dylon Peterson was 25 years old at the time of the murder and was arrested the morning of January 7, 2021, after calling 911 to say he had just committed murder.

He was staying in the duplex with father Eric and son, as well as murder victim number one, Mathew. Torell, Mathew’s mother, and victim two had come to spend the weekend with her sons while her ex-husband Eric was away.

Peterson pled guilty to two counts of first-degree murder in April and agreed to a prison term of more than 57 years. In exchange, Deputy Prosecutor Tony Golik decided not to prosecute Peterson with aggravated murder and seek the death penalty, which was a possibility because Peterson admitted to killing more than one victim.