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Fahim Fazli


Fahim Fazli is an Afgan American actor and author who is known for his work in Hollywood. He is recognized for his roles in the films “Iron Man (2008),” “Fort Bliss (2014),” and “American Sniper (2014).”


Fahim Fazli was born on Monday, 30 May 1966 (age 57 years; as of 2023) in Kabul, Afghanistan. His zodiac sign is Gemini. He studied till ninth grade.

A childhood picture of Fahim Fazli

In 1979, during the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan, Fahim Fazli’s family was separated. His mother, who was a midwife for Afghan President Hafizullah Amin, fled Kabul with Fazli’s siblings (Suhail, Almara, and Mina) after Amin’s murder, fearing that she was on a Communist hit list. Fahim, his father, Jamil, and another brother, Hares, stayed behind, hoping for a chance to escape. Meanwhile, they began working with Russian soldiers. In 1983, the family fled to Pakistan and later immigrated to Southern California in America.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 11″

Hair Colour: Salt and Pepper

Eye Colour: Brown


Parents & Siblings

His father, Jamil Barikzoy Fazli, was an Army officer in Afghanistan.

A picture of Fahim Fazli’s father

His mother, Fahima Fazli, was a nurse.

A picture of Fahim Fazli’s mother

He has two brothers named Suhail and Hares, and two sisters named Almara and Mina.

An old picture of Fahim Fazli with his family

Wife & Children

Fahim Fazli is married to Michelle Walters.

Fahim Fazli with his wife, Michelle Walters

The couple has a daughter named Sophia Fazli, who is an American actress and voiceover artist.

Fahim Fazli with Sophia




Fahim Fazli started doing small roles in American films in 1985.

Fahim Fazli in 1996

He came into the limelight with his appearance in the 2008 film Iron Man as Omar.

Fahim Fazli (in brown cap) in a still from the film Iron Man

In 2008, Fahim Fazli played the character of Al Kohei in the film ‘Eagle Eye.’ In the following year, he appeared in the film ‘Anti-Narcotics’ as Jalali.

The poster of the film Anti-Narcotics

In 2011, Fahim Fazli appeared in the film ‘We Will Rock You’ as a Shopkeeper. He then went on to appear in several American films, including ‘Big Bad Bugs’ (2012) as an Enemy soldier, ‘Fort Bliss’ (2014) as an Afghan driver, ‘Saint Judy’ (2018) as a Taliban leader, and ‘I Am Fear’ (2020) as Rashid.

The poster of the 2020 film I Am Fear

In 2022, he appeared in the film ‘The Prey.’

The poster of the 2022 film ‘The Prey’


In 2023, he made his Bollywood debut with the Hindi film ‘Animal’ as Khan.

The poster of the 2023 film ‘Animal’

Language Interpreter

From January 2009 to November 2010, Fahim Fazli worked as a Language Cultural Advisor for the U.S. Marines in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, he also worked at ABC News in Afghanistan in 2009.

Fahim Fazli (right) during his Afghanistan stay (2009-2010)


In 2004, Fahim Fazli made his television debut with the English show ‘Homeland Security’ as Karzai Bodyguard.

The poster of the television series Homeland Security (2004)

Fahim Fazli then made appearances in many television shows including ‘The Unit’ (2008) as an Auctioneer in the episode “Shadow Riders,” ‘Louie’ (2011) as an Afghan local in the episode “Duckling,” ‘Homeland’ (2015) as a Video Jihadist in the episode “Separation Anxiety,” and ’68 Whiskey’ (2020) as Warlord in three episodes.

The poster of the 2020 television series 68 Whiskey

Voiceover Artist

Fahim Fazli worked as a voiceover artist for the video games ‘Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception’ in 2011 and ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’ released in 2012.

The poster of the video game Call of Duty Black Ops II (2012)

Motivational Speaker

Apart from being an actor, he is a professional photographer and a motivational speaker. In February 2015, Fahim Fazli worked as a motivational speaker at Arizona State University.

Fahim Fazli while delivering a lecture

Literary Work

In 2012, while staying in Afghanistan, Fahim Fazli wrote his memoir ‘Fahim Speaks: A Warrior-Actor’s Odyssey from Afghanistan to Hollywood and Back.’ Soon after its release, the book was acclaimed by the Military Writers Society of America.

The cover of the book ‘Fahim Speaks: A Warrior-Actor’s Odyssey from Afghanistan to Hollywood and Back’


  • In 2020, Fahim Fazli was honoured with a ‘challenge coin’ from “Helicopters for Heroes” from Texas.

    Fahim Fazli’s challenge coin from Helicopters for Heroes

  • In 2020, Fahim Fazli received a ‘challenge coin’ from “68 Whiskey.”

    Fahim Fazli while showing his challenge coin from “68 Whiskey”

Car Collection

Fahim Fazli owns a Porsche and a Mazda CX-5.

Fahim Fazli’s pet dog posing in Porsche

Fahim Fazli’s Mazda CX-5


  • He follows a non-vegetarian diet.
  • Fahim Fazli likes travelling to distant places, exercising, swimming, photography, and playing volleyball in his leisure time.

    Fahim Fazli while playing volleyball

  • Apart from English, Fahim Fazli is proficient in Pashto, Dari, Iranian Farsi, Tajik from Tajikistan, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, and Pakistani Urdu.
  • He is an avid dog lover and has a pet dog named Baba. He often uploads pictures and videos of his pet on social media.

    Fahim Fazli with his pet dog

  • Fahim Fazli is a fitness enthusiast. He regularly shares pictures of his physical exercise and meditation sessions on various social media platforms.

    Fahim Fazli while doing meditation

  • He occasionally enjoys drinking alcoholic beverages.

    Fahim Fazli while enjoying alcohol