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Farhan Saeed


Farhan Saeed is a Pakistani singer, songwriter, actor, music video director, and entrepreneur. He is well known for his Pakistani dramas like ‘Suno Chanda’ (2018) and ‘Mere Humsafar’ (2021).


Farhan Saeed Butt was born on Friday, 14 September 1984 (age 38 years; as of 2022) in Model Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. His zodiac sign is Virgo.

Farhan Saeed’s childhood picture

He did his schooling at Crescent High School, Crescent, Oklahoma, US. He then attended The Keynesian Institute of Management and Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan. He pursued a Bachelor of Science (Computer) from the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Lahore.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 9″

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Dark Brown


Farhan Saeed Butt was born into a Punjabi Kashmiri family.

Parents & Siblings

His father, Rahat Saeed Butt, is a doctor. His mother’s name is Ghazala Rahat. He has two brothers named Dr Haroon Saeed and Dr Salman Saeed, and both of them are doctors.

Farhan Saeed with his father

Farhan Saeed with his parents and brothers

Wife & Children

In one of Farhan’s get-togethers with his friends, he met the Pakistani actress-model Urwa Hocane for the first time. After a few more meetings, they became good friends. Later, Fawad proposed to Urwa in Paris, Urwa accepted his proposal, and the duo started dating each other.

A collage of Farhan Saeed proposing Urwa Hocane

After a few months of their relationship, the couple did Nikah on 16 December 2016 at the Badshaahi Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan. In an interview, while talking about his relationship with Urwa, he said,

The thing I love most about her is her straightforwardness and honesty. In a world full of people with so many faces, she’s really herself. Sometimes she gets in-your-face and people may not like that about her, but I love it. To be honest my life has changed entirely. I’m more focused, organized and disciplined. Great things have happened to me since we got married. To be together as a couple and to have to work it out, you are first and foremost friends. You are honest with each other, look out for each other and protect each other. That’s what friends do.”

In 2020, there were rumours that the couple got separated, and after a few months of their separation, the couple reunited.

Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane’s wedding picture

Other Relative

The Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane is his sister-in-law.

Farhan Saeed with his sister-in-law, mother, and wife (from left)


Farhan Saeed’s autograph


Music Band

In 1998, the Pakistani singers Goher Mumtaz and Atif Aslam formed a music band while they were studying at the Punjab College in Lahore. By the end of December 2003, Atif Aslam left the band, and Goher added new members to the band including Farhan as a vocalist and Aamir Tufail as a bass guitarist.

Farhan Saeed with the members of Jal music band

The band released its first music album ‘Aadat’ (2004) including songs like “Dil Haray Pukaray,” “Ik Din Ayega,” “Teri Yaad,” and “Bikhra Hoon Mein.” The album was a chartbuster in Pakistan.

‘Aadat’ (2004)

In October 2004, the music band released its second music album ‘Lamhay’ which did well on the music charts. In 2005, the song ‘Aadat’ was included in the Hindi film ‘Kalyug.’ In 2007, the music band released another Pakistani music album ‘Boondh’ and in the album, various songs were released such as “Sajni,” “Raatein,” “Moré Piya,” “Main Mast Hoon,” and “Mahia.”

Boondh music album

On 8 September 2011, he quit the band to pursue his career as a solo singer. In an interview, while talking about working with the band, he said,

Jal was one of the best time periods of my life. It seems like some other life now. I spent ten years with the band. Some of the best times of my life were with Jal. The band life is, in itself, a great thing to experience. And yes, we had a lot of fun and Alhamdulillah, by the grace of God, we saw the best times as a band. We toured the world, we saw hardships together and we experienced [success] together. I was a teen when I joined Jal, and I left when I was 28, so a decade of my life, my prime youth, was with Jal, and I loved every bit of it! I miss it sometimes, but it’s beautiful and I want it to be like that in my memories forever.”


In 2011, he sang his debut Hindi song from the music album “Dil Tenu Karda Ae Pyar.”

Kyun Gai song from Dil Tenu Karda Ae Pyar

Some of his other Hindi songs are “Naam-e-Wafa” from ‘Creature 3D’ (2014), “Bhool Na Jaana” from ‘Main Aur Mr. Riight,’ and “Thodi Der” from ‘Half Girlfriend’ (2017). His Urdu single tracks are “Khuwahishon” (2011), “Roiyaan” (2014), “Haari Haari” (2018), and “Piyaar Sufiyana” (2021).

Roiyaan (2014)

In 2018, he worked as the music video director for the Urdu song “O Jaana” sung by the Pakistani singers Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Hamza Mallik. Farhan has also performed at various stage shows, live events, and charity events.

Farhan Saeed performing live


In 2014, he made his debut as an actor with the Urdu TV drama ‘De Ijazat Jo Tu’ in which he played the role of Sarmad. The show was aired on Hum TV.

‘De Ijazat Jo Tu’ (2014)

He then acted in many popular Pakistani dramas like ‘Udaari’ (2016), ‘Suno Chanda’ (2018), ‘Prem Gali’ (2020), ‘Mere Humsafar’ (2021), and ‘Badshah Begum’ (2022).

A scene from the TV drama ‘Suno Chanda’


In 2017, he made his Urdu debut in the Pakistani film ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’ in which he played a cameo role. In 2022, he acted in the Urdu film ‘Tich Button.’

Farhan Saeed in Tich Button


Accused the Indian Singer Salim Merchant of Plagiarism

In 2019, Farhan backlashed the Indian singer Salim Merchant for copying the notes of his song “Roiyaan” in the Hindi song “Haareya.” Farhan took to Twitter to talk about it, he tweeted,

Someone just sent me @salim_merchant song HAREYA, which is a total copy of my song ROIYAAN. I wonder they have the audacity to call themselves artists when they steal someone’s work. Karna hi hai to pooch ke kuro aur ager poochna nahin hai to at least acha to kuro! #stopstealing

On reading his tweet, Salim Merchant retweeted,

Farhan I just heard your song. It’s a mere coincidence that the chorus of Haareya is like your song. To be honest I’ve never heard it before. It happens many a times when notes have a natural progression from each other. @Sulaiman & I have a track record of never plagiarising.”

Farhan Saeed and Salim Merchant’s tweets on copying the song

Farhan did not calm down even after reading the tweet. He retweeted,

@salim_merchant if you say so! Another co-incidence is we have the same lyricist! Anyway good luck!”

Later, Salim made a tweet,

Why don’t you check with him! If i had to copy, I would have done that way long back in my career. I really wish I had heard your song before I made mine. Would have surely made changes to our composition to make it sound different from yours. Anyway, Hope you understand.”


  • 2015: 14th Lux Style Awards for Best Song of the Year– “Roiyaan”
  • 2015: 3rd Hum Awards for Best Music Single– “Roiyaan”
  • 2017: 5th Hum Awards for Best Onscreen Couple– Udaari (with Urwa Hocane)
  • 2019: 7th Hum Awards for Best Actor– Suno Chanda
  • 2019: 7th Hum Awards for the Best on-screen couple along with Iqra Aziz– Suno Chanda

    Farhan Saeed with his awards

  • 2021: 1st ARY People’s Choice Awards for the Best on-screen couple along with Sohai Ali Abro– Prem Gali


  • Food: Nihari, Odiyal Kool, Chicken Butt Karahi
  • Song: Tera Ghata by Gajendra Verma (2018)
  • Attire: White Shirt and Blue Jeans


  • During his school days, he used to listen to the Pakistani music band Vital Signs and Junoon, and from there, he developed an interest in singing.
  • He has appeared in various TV commercials like Itel Mobile, Canolive Oil, and Al Jalil Garden.

  • Farhan Saeed follows a non-vegetarian diet.
  • He has been featured on the cover page of various magazines like People and Gloss.

    Farhan Saeed featured on the cover of a magazine

  • In 2018, he supported the Pakistani political leader Imran Khan during the 22nd Prime Minister’s elections in Pakistan.

    Farhan Saeed with Imran Khan

  • He started a restaurant ‘Cafe Rock’ in 2019 that provides a platform for budding singers.