Giovanni Graziano Bio, Age, Shepard Smith, Partner, Fox News and Net Worth

Giovanni Graziano


Giovanni Graziano Bio

Giovanni “Gio” Graziano an American Fox Business producer who is also famously known as Shepard Smith’s boyfriend, a former chief anchor and managing editor of Fox breaking news division. The two have been dating since 2013.

Giovanni Graziano Age

Giovanni was born in 1987 in USA.

Giovanni Graziano Fox News

According to his Linkedin account Graziano has worked numerous jobs at Fox News . He begun working for the station as a summer intern in 2008, before moving up to become a production assistant for Smith. According to Gawker’s report, Graziano was moved from Smith’s show to Varney & Company because it would have been a “conflict of interest” for Smith to date a subordinate.

He currently serves as an associate producer for Varney & Company. At the time of Smith’s departure from Fox News, Graziano is still listed as a producer on the show. Varney has been a staunch defender of Donald Trump’s presidency while Shepard Smith has been name-checked by the president as being one of the Fox News personalities who had been critical of the Trump White House.

Shepard Smith Gay

Smith revealed in 2017 of every a discourse that he is gay, yet never thought of himself as “in the wardrobe”, expressing, “I don’t consider it. It is anything but a thing. I get down to business. I deal with many individuals. I spread the news. I manage sacred damnation around me. I return home to the man I’m infatuated with.” A correspondent covering the discourse stated, “Smith accepts his sexuality is a bit of his own story, however not the most characterizing element.

In his Ailes tribute on May eighteenth, 2019, Smith affirmed that his accomplice’s name is Gio. He likewise told watchers that Ailes helped him out when somebody attempted to extort him.

“He would attempt to set me up for that and lead me through it,” Smith reviewed. “At the point when a blackmailer entered my life and the lives of my family, he held my hand and saw me to the opposite side. At the point when subtleties of my own life ended up open, he bolstered me.”

Smith likewise reviewed when he went to an organization party at Ailes’ home with Graziano just because. Ailes’ significant other, Elizabeth Ailes, took Graziano on a visit. He said that the Ailes treated them “like family,” despite the fact that Elizabeth had never met his accomplice.

“It was a sign to our Fox people group, to every other person, that our relationship was something worth being thankful for,” Smith said through tears.

Giovanni Graziano Partner

Smith and Graziano were spotted at games bars watching football match-ups when either Ole Miss or Penn State were playing. Back in March 2018 in the main story in Time Magazine, Smith said that he couldn’t comprehend why individuals were so keen on his own life. Smith said that he wouldn’t fret discussing his relationship however that “It’s simply, you know, that is only my own life.

What’s more, I’m not concealing anything. I have a long-term beau and we’re as cheerful as we can be and we carry on with an exceptionally typical life and go to supper and go to games and see his family and see my family. It’s extraordinary for us. Be that as it may, I can’t envision any other individual thinking that its intriguing.”

Giovanni was with Shepard Smith when he shouted at a server at prevalent Manhattan speakeasy Bathtub Gin. The server shared that one of the men going with Smith that night was his “sweetheart.”

Shepard Smith Leaves Fox News

On October eleventh, 2019, in the wake of working at Fox News for a long time – since its first communicate in 1996 – Smith, the system’s senior reporter, overseeing proofreader, and boss anchorperson suddenly declared on his program, Shepard Smith Reporting, that he was leaving the system. Among Smith’s last remarks was that he and his associates had “tried to convey [news reports] to you, while talking truth to control without dread or support, in setting, and with point of view.”