Who Killed Jaylin Craig, DaBaby: Here’s What We Know

Killed Jaylin Craig

In 2018, a shooting took place in a Huntersville Walmart, where 19-year-old Jayln Craig was shot and killed, involving Charlotte native and well-known rapper DaBaby. After preliminary reports came out, it was revealed that DaBaby was the shooter, but he would not be charged with homicide because he said he acted in self-defense. Now, Rolling Stone has obtained brand-new security video that appears to contradict the original narrative, as reported in 2018. In the new footage posted by Rolling Stone on April 24, DaBaby is seen throwing the first physical hit at Douglas’ companion, Henry. A fight between DaBaby and Douglas then breaks out, with Craig seen clutching what looks like a handgun from his waistband.

As the altercation moves down the open aisles at Walmart, Craig and another person, who Rolling Stone does not name, appear to try and break up the fight between Douglas and DaBaby. The angle then changes, with DaBaby retreating while firing shots in the direction of Craig and Douglas. Who Killed Jaylin Craig, DaBaby: Here’s What We Know.

Who Killed Jaylin Craig?

According to Douglas and Craig, DaBaby became enraged when they recognized who he was, prompting him to fire his weapon in the air. According to Douglas, a fight took place inside the store among several individuals that resulted in DaBaby opening fire. When asked why he shot into the sky, according to Douglas, DaBaby stated that he was upset about being recognized by Douglas and Craig and alleged that he wanted them both outside of Walmart so they could fight. The charge was dropped in June 2019, and DaBaby was not charged with the fatal shooting of Craig, but he was sentenced to 12 months probation for carrying a concealed weapon.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will assign one or more investigators to the case. A spokesperson for the District Attorney’s Office said that after establishing a timeline, they would consider whether additional charges are appropriate:

“Upon review of the investigative file, our office agreed with the police department’s decision not to file additional charges (aside from the carrying a concealed gun charge) because prosecutors determined they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did not act in self-defense.”

Will The Case Be Reopened?

Rolling Stone also spoke with Todd Owens, a criminal defense attorney in Charlotte. “I don’t believe Mr. DaBaby was acting in self-defense,” he said. According to Rolling Stone, Owens took issue with DaBaby’s assertion of self-defense because DaBaby was with two other individuals who were seen on camera approaching Craig during the time that he was purportedly displaying the weapon.

The law firm of WNCNC Charlotte reached out to Owens, asking whether there was any way to re-open the case.

“It depends,” Owens told WCNC Charlotte “Ultimately, it is up to the District Attorney’s office to decide if they have enough evidence to pursue prosecution in relation to the shooting death. Waiting for years and then re-opening not because of new evidence, but because of the evidence making it into the public eye, would look bad for the State. The other avenue for the family to pursue would be a wrongful death civil lawsuit against Kirk, seeking monetary damages, where all of his commentary on social media, song lyrics, and other assaultive behavior could possibly come into play.”

Surveillance Video Of DaBaby Killing Man

In November 2018, 19-year-old Jaylin Craig was killed in a Walmart altercation involving rapper DaBaby. A video of a fatal shooting involving rapper DaBaby has resurfaced.

DaBaby has previously said he never pulled the trigger during the fatal fight, according to NME. Craig’s family maintained justice was not served as a key witness failed to appear and the now-released footage was not shown in court, Fox 46 reported at the time. The county case was dismissed.

Despite this, the state’s district attorney decided to pursue its own charges against the “Rockstar” rapper in June of that year. DaBaby was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon and sentenced to 12 months’ probation with a suspended jail sentence.

According to a report from the New York Post, the victim’s family claims that Lil Yachty assaulted him because he was furious that Douglas and Craig recognized him. According to Rolling Stone, Douglas’ eye socket was bruised during the scuffle, and he had to get stitches on his forehead after receiving a cut on his forehead.

On November 25, DaBaby posted a video in which he stated that he was in the store with his family, including his 1-year-old daughter, purchasing winter clothing when someone approached him with a handgun. He claimed that if he hadn’t fought back, his kids could have been shot.

The radio personality Ebro, of Hot 107.9 radio station, has responded to the video surfacing. “Why are people acting like the 2018 video of Da Baby’s Walmart incident wasn’t already seen by Walmart, The Police and the courts?” he asked on Twitter. “Cuz the media got they a– brainwashed,” replied DaBaby.