How Old Is Jessica Vestal From ‘Love Is Blind S06’: Husband, Age, Wiki, Height, Weight, Bio

Jessica Vestal

Jessica Vestal is an executive assistant and comedian. She hails from the USA. Her personality is quite silly and humorous. She is the first single mom cast on Love Is Blind, making headlines early on.

Having never truly allowed someone to get to know her completely, she is prepared to put aside any hesitations and lead with vulnerability in the pods. Before a day appearing on the show ‘Love Is Blind S06’ she shared her heart feelings on Instagram which read as,

“Before the journey begins I wanted to share a piece of my personal behind the scenes. Although I wholeheartedly knew going on Love Is Blind was the right choice, I struggled immensely with knowing I would be away from my daughter for an extended amount of time.

Prior to this, I had never even taken a vacation longer than a few days away from her, so it was important for me to reassure her while I was away that she was still at the forefront of my thoughts. So I wrote a letter for her to open every day while I was in the pods, each inside an envelope with a little surprise.

It didn’t make missing her any easier, but it was a small reminder to her that she was with me and part of the process every step of the way. This letter is the first one I wrote, and it’s very special to both of us.

I had some uncertainty going into this, but the one thing I did know is I had her love and support… and that was enough for me to take the leap of faith to find my (our) person. I can’t wait to share this experience with you, and hope it serves as a reminder of how we’re ALL deserving of love and happiness. See you tomorrow 🩷 #loveisblind #loveisblindseason6 #netflix #packagedeal”

Jessica Vestal and Jimmy Presnell

Jessica Vestal met Jimmy and formed a strong bond in the pods. She was really into him and even wrote a letter to her future him that she is fully confirmed that Jimmy was the one.

However, Jimmy also got to know Chelsea Blackwell in the pods and ultimately decided to choose her instead of Jessica.

She is a single mother, and has been completely focused on raising her 10-year-old daughter, Autumn. She’s ready to put herself first in this experiment to find the right person join their loving family.

She says, “If she does forge a connection there, her future husband must embrace not only Jessica, but also her daughter, who comes first in her life. Someone who couldn’t accept her daughter would be a total deal-breaker and a complete red flag because we’re a package deal.”

Jessica Vestal Age

Jessica Vestal age is 29 years old, as of 2024. Some of the cast from ‘Love Is Blind S06’ includes, Danette, Alejandra Toro, Mackenzie Tenold, Amber Desiree, Amy Cai, Sunni Haralalka, and Brittany Mills.

How Tall Is Jessica Vestal?

Jessica Vestal height is 5’6” (1.67 m). She has more than 15K followers on her ‘jess.ves’ Instagram account. She has a huge Instagram following because of her gorgeous appearance and fascinating posts. She frequently offers beauty and fashion advice.