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Joanna Simpson

Joanna Simpson was the wife of Robert Brown who brutally killed her in their leafy Ascot home. Her husband worked as a pilot. He murdered his wife in their home is now fighting against the government’s decision to prevent his early release from prison. The incident occurred while their children were outside playing in the garden.

The terrible crime was happened in Ascot on Halloween night in 2010. Robert Brown killed his wife, Joanna, with a claw hammer after years of abuse. Brown went to great lengths to conceal the murder of his wife by burying her body in a plastic-lined box that he had prepared over a year ago.

He made sure to dispose of any evidence, such as the hammer used in the crime and the CCTV recorder. It was a shocking event that left the whole nation horrified. He was found guilty of causing someone’s death and was supposed to be released in November after serving half of his 26-year prison term. The Justice Secretary, Alex Chalk decided to bring the case to the Parole Board to ensure public safety.

Joanna’s body was buried secretly

Robert Brown buried his wife’s body in a pre-dug grave at Windsor Great Park and then admitted to the police what he had done the next day.

Despite being stressed from their contentious divorce, he was ultimately found not guilty of murder but was convicted of manslaughter and obstructing a coroner. He received a 24-year sentence for manslaughter and an additional two years for obstructing justice.

Who was Joanna Simpson?

Joanna Simpson was a business owner who ran a top-rated Bed and Breakfast. She was murdered by her husband, leaving behind their two young children.

Her husband’s motives for the murder were unclear, leaving many wondering what could have driven him to commit such a heinous act. Her children were surrounded by love and support from friends and family as they began the difficult journey of healing and moving forward without their mother.

Joanna’s husband Robert Brown

Robert Brown, 59, a British Airways captain killed his wife in 2010. The Justice Secretary stopped him from being released from prison early, but now he wants to fight against that decision. Brown’s legal team argues that he has shown significant remorse and has been rehabilitated during his time in prison.

They believe that he has served his time and should be allowed to be released early. The victim’s family is convinced that Brown should serve his full sentence for the heinous crime he committed. The decision on whether or not to grant Brown early release will ultimately be left up to the courts.

The British Airways Killer documentary

The documentary focuses on Joanna Simpson’s murder by her ex-husband Robert Brown. In the documentary ‘The British Airways Killer’, ITV interviewed the Simpson’s family about Brown’s actions. In the documentary, viewers will learn more about Brown, his awful crimes and his current location.

How old was Joanna Simpson?

Joanna Simpson was 46 years old, at the time of her death. She died on October 31, 2010. She had two young children, aged 9 and 10 at the time of her death.