Johnny Depp Five Penthouses: Is Amber Heard’s Friends Live There For Free

Johnny Depp

The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation lawsuit has focused attention on the actor’s California real estate, as well as to whom he previously allowed to stay there. According to Independent reports, Depp told the court that he had permitted his ex-wife’s pals to live in his home for free between 2013 and 2016, claiming ownership of five penthouses during the time period. We look at the insides of Depp’s apartments as well as any information we can find about the individuals who have since testified during the case. Johnny Depp Five Penthouses: Is Amber Heard’s Friends Live There For Free.

Johnny Depp Five Penthouses In California

When specifics of Johnny Depp‘s real estate were discussed in court during his defamation lawsuit, which closing arguments are scheduled to take place on May 27th 2022, a light was shone on Johnny Depp’s California property. Brandon Patterson, the general manager of the building, and Isaac Baruch, a long-time friend and neighbor of Depp’s, both testified previously in court.

According to Independent reports, since 2013, Depp has owned five penthouses on the top floor of the historic Eastern Columbia Building in Downtown Los Angeles’ theatre district. According to Isaac Baruch’s remarks, he had known Depp since they were teenagers and as part of a financial assistance arrangement, allowed him to reside in one of the penthouses.

Amber Heard’s Friends Live There For Free

Amber Heard lived on the 25th floor of a condo complex in Tribeca. Mr Baruch and his neighbor, Johnny Depp, shared an adjacent balcony that led to it. Amber Heard’s sister resided in another penthouse, according to Mail Online, and Whitney Henriquez acknowledged that she was mostly intoxicated while living there from 2014 to 2015.

“It was a rare occasion when I was sober,” Henriquez responded when Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, asked if she had been using drugs at the time of her stay. Meanwhile, friends moved in to the other penthouse apartments. Amber Heard shared a house with Rocky Pennington and Joshua Drew while they were still married, according to The Sun. Three of the units were linked by doors; the fourth served as a guest room and Mr Baruch’s home and art studio.

Inside The Californian Apartments

According to The Los Angeles Times, the five elegant penthouses cost Depp a whopping $7 million to purchase. To provide the jury with floorplans of the building’s top penthouse level, which featured large windows, beautiful dark hardwood floors, tall ceilings with mezzanine levels and industrial-looking staircases, a floorplan was submitted as evidence.

The actor’s distinctive approach is highlighted in the property’s design, which mixes modern sleek kitchens with brightly colored bohemian-themed bedrooms and Art Deco bathrooms with color throughout.

Isaac Baruch, one of the residents, had pleasant memories of this period when they all became friends and performed in each other’s penthouses, according to reports. The former couple was near the building’s roof pool with views over the city while living there. Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation because of an op-ed she published in the Washington Post in 2018. Heard has filed a countersuit against Depp.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard MCQs

  • What is the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation lawsuit about?
  • The Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation lawsuit is about an op-ed that Heard published in the Washington Post in 2018.
  • How many penthouses did Depp own in the Eastern Columbia Building?
  • Depp owned five penthouses in the Eastern Columbia Building.
  • Who was allowed to stay in the apartments for free?
  • Depp allowed his ex-wife’s friends to live in his apartments for free between 2013 and 2016.
  • How much did the penthouses cost to purchase?
  • The penthouses cost Depp $7 million to purchase.
  • What is the reason for the lawsuit?
  • The reason for the lawsuit is that Depp is claiming that the op-ed damaged his reputation.