Johnny McIntyre Love Is Blind S06: Age, Wiki, Personality, Ethnicity, Facts

Johnny McIntyre

Johnny McIntyre is an account executive who is one of the participants in the show ‘Love Is Blind S06’. He has been searching for a meaningful connection in various places but has only found surface-level ones. Now he’s turning to Love Is Blind to the topic of forming deeper connections without distractions.

He is attracted to independent women who are strong and self-sufficient. He wants to find someone who enjoys snowboarding with him on the weekends and has aspirations of learning to fly a plane. He says,

“I’m not just some 27-year-old kid. I’m an adult now, and I want to see what it takes to make [this experience] work.”

Johnny McIntyre Age

Johnny McIntyre age is 28 years old, as of 2024. He was born in 1996 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Before joining the show he wrote via his Instagram,

“Well this can either be really good, or really bad. You know where to find me on Valentine’s Day! #LoveisBlindS6 @netflix @loveisblindnetflix.”

Johnny McIntyre Height & Weight

Johnny McIntyre stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 71 Kg or 156 lbs. His dark brown hair is always styled in a trendy manner and his piercing blue eyes seem to light up whenever he smiles.

His warm and friendly nature makes him instantly likable, and he is known for his great sense of humor and quick wit. Johnny’s passion for adventure and exploration is evident in his love for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and surfing.

Some Facts About Johnny McIntyre

  • Johnny McIntyre can play the guitar.
  • He loves swimming.
  • He is very close to his family members, especially with his dad, and also wished him on Father’s Day, in 2015.
  • He enjoys cycling.
  • He is good at cooking.
  • He likes to take selfies.
  • His family is very religious.
  • He learned to play guitar, drum, and piano.
  • He loves to play basketball.
  • He completed his graduation in 2014.
  • He is the mood maker in the team.
  • In the ‘Love Is Blind S06’, other famous contestants are, Jeramey Lutinski, Trevor, Clay Gravesandegy, Jimmy Presnell, Austin Borders, Kenneth Gorham, and Matthew.
  • He loves hanging out with his friends,

“Little photo dump of 2021, it was a year full of great times with friends, family, and some really bad dance moves. Can’t wait to go on more adventures, camp out in random airports, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime in 22!”

  • In December 2021, he went for trekking.

“We don’t own the mountain – we’re just the McIntyre’s that fell down it”

  • He is close to his brother Willie.

“Happy birthday to Willie “The Hutch” Hutcherson aka Mr. Humble himself! I hope after all these years you finally learned how to eat a hamburger without as much trouble as in the last pic.”