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K Mahashweta


K Mahashweta is a Malayalam child actress who came to recognition after she bagged the Best Child Actress Award at the Las Vegas Movie Awards 202 for her role in the Malayalam short film, “Grandma Toy.”


K Mahashweta/Mahaswetha was born in 2010 (age 10 years; as of 2020) in Angeripalayam, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu. As of 2020, she is a student at MGV Global Academy ICSE School in Tirupur. Since the age of 4, she enjoyed watching films, singing, and dancing, and therefore, developed an interest in acting.

Mahashweta with her sister after performing in a school play


Her father P.U. Krishnan is a film producer who has produced four of her short films. She also has a sister of her age. Apart from that, there is not much information available about her family.

K Mahashweta’s father P U Krishnan

Mahashweta with her sister

How Did Acting Happen

In an interview with The Times of Indian, Mahashweta revealed about how she got into acting. She said,

When I was four years old, I used to watch movies on television and I would try to imitate the actors or actresses. I love watching movies in all the languages and I would enact scenes from the movies in front of my parents. They would appreciate my acting. I had a habit of saving money and I would never spend it on anything. One day I gave all my savings to my father and told him that I wanted to act in movies. Seeing my interest and passion for acting, my father approached his director friend Sujith Das from Kerela, who gave me my first break in the short film, Aarodu Paruyum.”


Mahashweta started her acting career with a Malayalam short film titled “Aarodu Paruyum” (To Whom Should I Tell), released in 2019. In the film, she played the role of a little girl child who craved for love and attention from her parents, who were busy with electronic devices such as mobile smartphones, thus, she could not find someone to whom she could express her problems.

In 2020, she acted in another Malayalam short film, “Grandma Toy,” in which she played the role of an orphaned girl who helps senior citizens at an old age home.

A still from the movie “To Whom Should I Tell” showing Mahashweta helping an old lady

So far till 2020, she has acted in four Malayalam short films. Out of those four movies, she has won international best child actress awards for her role in two of those.


  • Best Child Actress by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association for her role as “Miya” in the Malayalam short film titled Aarodu Paruyum “To Whom Should I Tell.” (2019)

    Mahashweta with her LAFA 2019 Best Child Actress award

  • Best Child Actress at the Las Vegas Movie Awards 2020 for her role in the Malayalam short film titled “Grandma Toy.”

    Mahashweta with her Las Vegas Best Child Actress Award 2020

Favourite Things

Actress: Keerthi Suresh & Priyanka Chopra

Actor: Saravanan Sivakumar/Suriya