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Lucia Galán


Lucia Galán is an Argentine actress and singer. She is a member of the Argentine musical duo Pimpinela.


Lucia Galán was born as ‘Maria Graciela Galán Cuervo’ on Tuesday, May 23, 1961 (age 59 years; as of 2020), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Childhood Picture of Lucia Galán with her Brother

When she was young, she often made visits to Spain. She did her schooling at Colegio Santa Rosa de Lima, Buenos Aires. As she was interested in acting since childhood, she also took acting lessons.

Physical Appearance

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown (dyed Blonde, Black, and Red)

Family & Ethnicity

Her father is Asturian and her mother is Leonese.

Parents & Siblings

She was born to María Engracia Cuervo Álvarez and Joaquín Galán.

Lucia Galán with her Mother

Childhood Picture of Lucia Galán with her Brother and Father

She has an older brother named Joaquín Galán who is a singer and actor and a member of Pimpinela.

Lucia Galán with her Brother

Relationships, Husband & Children

From  1981 to 1982, she dated the Argentine football player Diego Maradona. Talking about her relationship with Maradona, she said,

I think we were both in love. We were very young and we were both in awe of each other. It was a very naive thing. It was not the love of my life but it lasted a long time for me, it was something serious. It ended because there was no way to maintain it due to the distance and the situation of each one. At that time our communication was great, there was no Claudia for nothing and I used to go to his house a lot. I left him because we argued a lot. There are people who don’t like to be told no to certain things. Besides, he intended to go back to Claudia, get married, and build his family.”

Lucia Galan with Diego Maradona

In 1987, she came into a relationship with Argentine singer Guillermo Guido, but they split up in 1988.

Lucia Galan with Guillermo Guido

She has also been in a relationship with Diego Guelar (a Lawyer). In 1995, she found love in Alberto Hazán.

Lucia Galan with Alberto Hazán

Soon, they got married, and in 1999, they got divorced. She has a daughter named Rocío Luna Hazán Galán (born on January 10, 1997) with Alberto.

Lucia Galán with her Daughter

She came into a relationship with Pablo Alarcon in 2006. They both broke up in 2020.

Lucia Galan with Pablo Alarcon



She started her musical journey as a chorus singer for the Argentine singer and actress Manuela Bravo and a group called Soul Montana. Her parents insisted she and her brother Joaquin make a duo and sing together. The band was formed in 1978. On a trip to Spain, they met the romantic musician Luis Aguilé, who asked them for a tape and recommended them to the CBS label today Sony BMG Music Entertainment, under which they made their music known. In 1981, the Pimpinela released their first album ‘Las primeras golondrinas.’

Las primeras golondrinas (1981)

In 1983, they released ‘Olvidame y pega la vuelta,’ which became a breakthrough in their career.

Olvidame y pega la vuelt (1983)

Under Sony, they released the albums Pimpinela (1982), Hermanos (1983), Convivencia (1984), Lucia y Joaquin (1985), Valiente (1987), Ahora me toca a mí (1988), 10 años después (1991), and Pimpinela ’92 (1992). In 1992, they signed with the record label PolyGram and their first album with the label was ‘Hay amores que matan’ (1993).

The band released albums such as De corazón a corazón (1995), Marido y mujer (1998), Gold. Grandes éxitos (2001), ¿Dónde están los hombres? (2005), Estamos todos locos (2011), Traición (2020), and Panaso (2020). The band used to release songs in Spanish, and the songs also came in Italian, English, and Portuguese version.

In Films

In 1979, she made her acting debut with the role of ‘Daughter of the grocer Muleiro’ in the Argentine film ‘Vivir con alegría.’

Lucia Galan in Vivir con alegría (1979)

She then went on to act in Los fierecillos se divierten (1982) and Los extraterrestres (1983). In 1989, she made her television debut with the telenovela ‘El duende azul’ as herself. She then took a break from acting and returned with the Argentine soap opera ‘Soy Gitano’ (2003) as ‘Amparo Lombardo’.

Lucia Galan in Soy Gitano (2003)

She got her breakthrough role in films as ‘Ana’ in ‘Papá se volvió loco’ (2005).

She then appeared in the series ‘La niñera’ (2005). In 2008, she played the lead role in the television series ‘Mujeres de nadie’ as ‘Carmen Muleiro.’

In 2013, she participated in ‘Tu cara me suena,’ a singing reality TV show. She won the first and tenth gala of the show and was the third finalist of the show.

Lucia Galan in Tu cara me suena (2013)

She has also judged the reality shows Cantando por un sueño (2012), Soñando por cantar (2012), cantando (2012), Laten corazones (2015), and Me gusta tu cancion (2018), and Genios de la Argentina (2019).

Awards & Achivements

  • Antorcha de Plata at Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar in 1984
  • Mejor Artista Nacional in 1986
  • 8 ACE awards for their presentation at Waldorf Astoria (New York) in 1986
  • Premio Paoli a la Trayectoria in 1996
  • “Estrella de mar” por su trayectoria artística in 2008
  • Declared ‘ciudadanos ilustres de la ciudad de Vicente López’ with her brother in 2008
  • 5 premios Estrella de Mar for Pimpinela, La Familia in 2010
  • Premio “HUGO” for actriz revelación ‘Pimpinela, La Familia’ in 2010
  • 12 premios A.C.E. (Asociación de Cronistas del Espectáculo de Nueva York)
  • Certificación de oro for the album Estamos todos locos in 2012
  • Latin Grammy Awards for Musical Excellence in 2019

    Lucia Galan and her Brother with their Latin Grammy Awards

Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar in 2020

  • Gaviota de Plata

    Lucia Galan, in an Instagram Post, Talking About Their Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar

Radio City Music Hall

  • Mejor Show Musical in 1984
  • Mejor Show Musical in 1985

Favorite Things

  • Singer(s): Barbara Streisand, Karen Carpenter
  • Football Team: Boca Juniors
  • Travel Destination: New York


  • On July 2, 1996, Lucia and her brother opened Pimpinela Home for Children (Hogar Pimpinela para la Niñez), a non-profit organization to provide care to deprived children of Argentina. The organization’s land was donated by the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires. The home is sponsored by Gloria Estefan (American singer-songwriter) and has received help from Geraldine Chaplin (actress).

    Lucia Galan with Children from Pimpinela Home for Children

  • On October 22, 2006, during a tour in Zacatecas (Mexico) she had a pressure spike that affected her left leg, hand, and arm. She was taken to the Mexican Red Cross, where she was treated. The next day, her leg was recovered but not her arm and hand due to which she had to give a performance with her hand in a sling. She got herself diagnosed with cerebral ischemia, but the results indicated that there was no brain injury. After this, she gave another performance on January 14 in the city of Piedmont, where she fainted without major complications.
  • She faced another pressure spike after a performance in the town of San Nicolás. She had a stroke. She stayed at her home for recovery and shortly after continued with her work activities.
  • In 2009, Lucia and her brother founded From the Soul, a free day center for children with Down syndrome.
  • In 2010, Lucia with her brother, Joaquín and his wife Valeria Ambrosio, directed and wrote a musical titled “Pimpinela, la familia,” based on the life of Lucia and her brother. The play was premiered on Saturday, January 2, 2010, at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

    Pimpinela, la familia

  • In 2015, Lucia and her brother, through their initiative called ‘Honrar la Vida,’ carried out a solidarity festival to help those affected by the floods in the Province of Buenos Aires. They also made it clear that their work had nothing to do with politics but for the good of people.
  • In 2020, she played ‘matchmaker Dolly Levi’ in ​​the Argentine version of the musical classic ‘Hello, Dolly!,’ a character that was played by actresses admired by her such as Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler.

    Lucia Galan in Hello, Dolly! (2020)