Matthew Love Is Blind S06: Age, Job, Wiki, Ethnicity, Facts


Matthew is one of the contestant from ‘Love Is Blind S06’ who is looking for an “intelligent, caring, considerate, hardworking, and driven” woman in the show. He has been “emotionally guarded” when it comes to past relationships, as per Netflix. He accuses Netflix of smearing his character.

Who Is Matthew?

Matthew is a very optimistic person who believes in, “When life presents you with an opportunity which takes that weakness and exposes it, how can you turn it down if it’s really important to find that special someone?”

He is willing to sacrifice everything when finds someone special. He said, “I don’t think there is anything that I wouldn’t sacrifice to find the right person and my commitment to this experiment is evidence of that.”

He has not given much details about his family members. Before joining the show, he was working as a senior financial advisor. He is 37 years old, as of 2024. He stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches tall (1.78 m).

Matthew’s Ethnicity

Matthew comes from a mixed ethnicity. His mother is American and his father is Nigerian. Growing up, he was exposed to a range of foods, languages, and customs. Embracing both sides of his heritage, Matthew takes pride in his mixed ethnicity and enjoys sharing his cultural background with others.

Check Out Some Facts About Matthew

  • Matthew is very choosy about his clothing style.
  • He is good at learning choreography.
  • He was an athlete in school.
  • He can speak English.
  • He lifts every other day.
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is rainbow sherbet.
  • He loves ramen.
  • He has been working out lately in the gym.
  • He carries chopsticks around with him on most occasions.
  • He knows how to juggle.
  • He loves cooking.
  • He likes coconuts.
  • colors in certain situations, he changes clothing styles and uses many colors to coordinate himself.
  • He believes in the idea that practice makes perfect.
  • Some of Women from the Season 06 of Love Is Blind are, Amber Grant, Amy Tiffany, Ashley Wala, Chelsea Blackwell, Danielle, Laura Dadisman, Danette, Alejandra Toro, and Amber Desiree.
  • He keeps his Instagram account private.
  • He is referred to as the ‘Love Is Blind’ S 06 biggest villain.