Who Was Michael Eric Gutzke: Matt Rife’s Dad Died By Suicide

Michael Eric Gutzke

Michael Eric Gutzke was the dad of Matt Rife who is an American comedian and actor. Rife is best known for his self-produced comedy specials Only Fans (2021). He passed away when Matt was young. In an interview with Bert Kreischer on “Bertcast” in 2022, Rife opened up about this tragic event and shared that his father died by suicide when he was just a baby.

Regarding his father’s passing, Rife answered Kreischer’s question, “He was 20, I think. It’s weird to think about. Because I’m 26 now, and when you think about your dad, no matter what state, you think about a grown man. But I’m older than my dad ever was”.

When Rife posted old photo of himself and his father on Father’s Day on Instagram in June of 2020. He captioned the image as, “Rest In Peace Pops #HappyFathersDay and thanks for the round head”.

Michael Eric Gutzke Suicide

Michael Eric Gutzke, died by suicide when Matt Rife was 17 months old. This tragic event left a lasting impact on Matt Rife’s life. Michael Eric Gutzke was suffered from depression. He was a massive alcoholic. He came home drunk everyday and was talking about killing himself, and apparently, he did.

Growing up without a father figure, he was made to deal with the complexities of life with limited advice. Yet, even in the face of such adversity, Matt’s strength and passion shone through moving him towards a successful future.

Matt Rife Pay Tribute To His Dad

Matt Rife has been actively remembering and tribute his late father, Michael Gutzke, through his social media accounts. He has been sharing heartfelt tributes and occasionally posting nostalgic pictures of the two of them together from before his father’s passing. Through these posts, Matt Rife keeps the memory of his father alive. Rife posted a photo of himself as a baby sleeping on his dad’s chest on July 1, 2016.

“Today would’ve been my dads 41st birthday. Love and miss ya pops! Thanks for lookin over me ”

On June 19, 2017, he shared another image with his father. On Instagram he wrote, “Happy Fathers Day pops! Love and miss you everyday, wondering how different things would’ve been if you were still here. Regardless God had it planned unfairly, but it’s only made me stronger as a man. #RIP ”.

Who Is Matt Rife?

Matt Rife spent his childhood in North Lewisburg after being born in Columbus, Ohio. Mount Vernon and New Albany were also his residences. At the age of fourteen, Rife’s high school instructor announced a talent event, and it sparked Rife’s interest in humor.

A year after participating in the play at the age of fifteen, he began performing professionally, all thanks to a friend’s encouragement. Three stepsisters and a half-sister make up his four-sibling family.

Even not sharing any photos or posts about his father in 2023, it can be seen that Rife still cherishes the memory of his dad. Although he may not be public about it at the moment, it is obvious that Rife holds a special place in his heart for his father.