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Mike Thurston


Mike Thurston is a British fitness trainer and entrepreneur. He is known for his incredible physique and for founding THRST.


Michael ‘Mike’ George Thurston was born on Thursday, 9 August 1990 (age 33 years; as of 2023)in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. His zodiac sign is Leo. Mike Thurston attended Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, North East England where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Management. During this time he worked as a Part-time Associate in Brownridge Transport where he worked in the warehouse doing Product Handling & Rework. After graduating in 2011, he worked in Spain, promoting nightclubs and bars. He returned to Newcastle and started working as the Manager of Hollister Co. from 2012-13.

Mike Thurston when he was young

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 6′ 0″

Weight (approx.): 95 kg

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Gray

Body Measurements (approx.): Chest: 40″ Waist: 34″ Biceps: 20″


Parents & Siblings

Mike has a brother named Richard Thurston.

Mike Thurston with his brother Richard Thurston

Mike Thurston with his father


Prospect House, 50 Leigh Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire, United Kingdom, SO50 9DT


Fitness Trainer

After his career as the manager in the retail store Hollister Co., Mike Thurston started working towards his dream body. In 2013, he started his journey towards becoming a fitness coach, and after completing the course, he became a certified coach. He documented his journey from party planner to fitness coach on his YouTube channel, ‘Mike Thurston’. From 2013-16, he was the Company Director of Aurora Athletic Club in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom which is described as an athletic club that supports health and wellness. It is a gym that provides group classes and personal training.


Mike Thurston has been the Director of THRST since 2016. THRST is a brand that offers clothing and is a fitness training platform. THRST provides personalised meal plans, fitness programmes and workout videos. In 2019, the brand expanded its reach into the Active Wear market, offering athletic clothing such as shorts, bikinis, and shirts. According to a YouTube video featuring Mike, THRST’s popularity surged in 2021, leading to stock shortages during the summer. To enhance the accessibility of his workout videos and meal plans, Mike Thurston introduced the THRST fitness app in April 2021, available on both the iOS and Apple stores.

Mike Thurston’s THRST app

Podcast & Youtube

The podcast “First Things THRST” is a weekly masterclass where Mike Thurston talks about entrepreneurs’ and content creators’ undisclosed insights and personal journeys worldwide. Through the podcasts he hosts guest speakers who are driven by the principle of thorough exploration, leading to in-depth conversations about the origins, challenges, and revelations of their journey in fitness, business and more. The overarching objective is to understand perspectives and new viewpoints on subjects like business, achievement, and wellness. Mike Thurston’s aim through these podcasts is to motivate listeners and take away life lessons from him and his guests. The first episode was released in November 2022, and it has a 4.5 rating out of 5 as of 2023. Mike Thurston uploads a range of videos on his YouTube page, starting from his fitness journey, eating habits, entrepreneurship and travel vlogs. He also does Question & Answer sessions where his subscribers can pose questions that they want Mike to answer.

A poster of Mike Thurston’s podcast ‘First Things THRST’


Allegations of Steroid Abuse

Mike Thurston’s transformation from a ‘party animal’ to someone with a physique envied throughout the world, has brought about criticism from people who suspect that he used steroids to achieve his build. While steroids are not always illegal (except in the case of competitions), Mike Thurston’s claims that he has an all-natural build suggest that the composition of his body measurements has been achieved through exercise and eating well, a pill that people have found difficult to swallow. Steroids are known to aid people in the muscle-building process and when combined with exercise and a strict regime, can help one bulk and reach massive body proportions. People have made speculations over Mike Thurston’s involvement in the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) which is known to have lax drug-testing rules. While this does not indicate any concrete proof of Mike using steroids, it is an argument used against his case. There is another set of people who have considered the effects of steroid use and have used facts to disprove the use of steroids. Despite suspicions from the online community, there are no typical signs of steroid use such as abnormal muscle size, gynecomastia (enlargement of the breast tissues for males), or excessive acne. These people believe that Mike Thurston achieved his impressive build thanks to genetics and a strict regime with respect to food and exercise. Mike has admitted to getting additional help, but only from supplements such as Whey protein and BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) powder.


  • Mike Thurston is No. 10 on Set For Set’s ‘Top 25 Male Fitness Models to Follow (In 2023)’.
  • Mike Thurston is No. 25 on Sports Brief’s ‘Top 25 Male Fitness Influencers to Follow in 2023’.

Car Collection

Mike Thurston owns a Jaguar F-Type R.

Mike Thurston with his Jaguar car


  • Mike Thurston is also known by his nickname Mikey T.
  • Mike Thurston moved to Dubai when he was 19 years old and regularly posts videos of his lifestyle in Dubai.
  • Mike Thurston says that the most satisfying food for him is the potato.

One of the most satisfying foods, Satiating is that feeling of fullness, is the white potato… The basic, boring white potato is the most satiating food.”

  • The Mike Thurston YouTube channel has about 1.49 million subscribers and about 1.1 million followers on Instagram as of 2023.
  • Mike Thurston underwent an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant in 2019 and uploaded the procedure onto his YouTube channel. In 2020, he uploaded a video showcasing the results.

    YouTube thumbnail of Mike Thurston’s hair transplant video

  • Mike aims on eating 6 meals a day, with his favourite healthy meal being chicken/salmon accompanied by vegetables and either sweet potato or rice.
  • Mike Thurston is occasionally spotted smoking cigars and drinking alcohol.

    Mike Thurston smoking a cigar