Where Is Monika Fritzl? Fathered By Her Own Grandpa Josef Fritzl

Monika Fritzl

Monika Fritzl is one of the daughter Josef Fritzl who had assaulted, sexually abused, and raped his daughter another daughter, Elisabeth Fritzl. He imprisonment her inside a concealed area in the cellar of the family home. The abuse resulted in the birth of seven children. He pleaded guilty to suspicion of rape, false imprisonment, manslaughter by negligence, and incest counts and was sentenced to life imprisonment, in March 2009.

Who Is Monika Fritzl?

Monika Fritzl was born in 2009 to Josef Fritzl and Elisabeth Fritzl when he used to assault her in the cellar of the family home. The abuse resulted in the birth of seven children: three of them remained in captivity with their mother; one died shortly after birth and was cremated by Fritzl; and the other three were brought up by Fritzl and his wife, Rosemarie, having been reported as foundlings.

Monika Fritzl Birth Surgery

When Monika Fritzl was born she has suffered heart condition from early age which required surgery. Doctors are investigating if it is connected to her incestuous birth. She found at the house under similar circumstances, one of the upstairs children.

Monika Fritzl Now

Monika Fritzl is a reportedly talented musician now. She continues to inspire others with her musical talent and appears as a shining example of determination and victory over adversity.

Monika Fritzl Siblings

Monika Fritzl siblings are Kerstin, Stefan, Felix, Lisa and Alexander. One of her sibling died shortly after birth and were removed from the chamber as infants to live with Fritzl and his wife, who were approved by local social services authorities as their foster parents.

Some Facts About Monika Fritzl

  • Elisabeth taught the children to read and write at that verse condition which was created by her own father.
  • Josef Fritzl “very plausibly” detailed how his three infant grandsons showed up at his house, according to authorities.
  • Social workers checked up on the family regularly, and during those visits, they reported seeing and hearing nothing suspicious.
  • In 1994, following the fourth child’s birth, Fritzl allowed the enlargement of the prison, from 35 to 55 m2 (380 to 590 sq ft), putting Elisabeth and her children to work digging out soil with their bare hands for years.
  • Josef Fritzl was a very cruel man he used to punish the family by shutting off their lights or refusing to deliver food for days at a time.
  • Fritzl also used to scared Elisabeth and the three children who remained that they would be gassed if they tried to escape.
  • He also told them that they would be electrocuted if they tried to meddle with the cellar door.
  • He went into the basement every morning at 09:00, according to Fritzl’s sister-in-law Christine.
  • He would spend the night there frequently, and his wife was not permitted to bring him coffee during those stays.
  • Fritzl maintained the noises were from the ‘faulty pipes’ or the gas heating system, while a renter who had rented a room on the ground floor for twelve years reported the noises were from the basement.