Monika Hamoud Wiki: Spouse of Norwegian footballer Mounir Hamoud

Monika Hamoud

Monika Hamoud is best known as the wife of Mounir Hamoud who was a Moroccan-born Norwegian footballer. He was a flexible player who could stay in defense or play in the middle of the field, but he mostly played right back.

On 27 January 2009, Hamoud was chosen to be a part of Norway’s senior national team. During the match against Germany, he did not get the chance to play and stayed on the bench as a backup player.

Monika Hamoud Husband Mounir Hamoud Death

On February 12, 2024, Strømsgodset, a football club, sadly announced that Hamoud had passed away in Drammen, Norway. He was only 39 years old and his cause of death was a cardiac arrest. The Norwegians released a heartfelt statement in honor of their former star,

“Stromsgodset and NFF Buskerud share this information in consultation with the next of kin. This is a brutal and shocking message to receive – it affects all of us in Stromsgodset, it affects Drammen and the entire football family.

Our thoughts go primarily to Mounir’s family and survivors in a very difficult situation. They have lost a father, husband, brother, son and dear family member.

Mounir has worked as circuit manager for player development in NFF Buskerud for the past four years and was supposed to have his very first day of work as a new top player developer in Stromsgodset today. In Mounir, we have lost a truly unique fellow human being. He was friendly, generous, inclusive, and positive.

He was professionally skilled and inspiring. someone who cared and participated. Someone we were all looking forward to meeting, someone we all have only good and warm feelings for. First and foremost, Mounir has left deep traces everywhere he has traveled.

As a player and team-mate, as a coach, player developer, and professional. As a colleague and fellow human being. Stromsgodset is in mourning. Mounir Hamoud will be deeply missed.”

Monika Hamoud Age

Monika Hamoud age is 35 years old, as of 2024. She had five children with Mounir Hamoud. Family resided in Skoger, was a children’s coach in Skoger IL, and played briefly for the men’s team on the eighth tier of Norwegian football.