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Nida Yasir


Nida Yasir is a Pakistani actor, producer, and television host who is well known for hosting the show Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital.


Nida Pasha Yasir or Nida Pasha was born on Thursday, 31 January 1974 (age 48 years; as of 2022) in Karachi, Pakistan. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Nida attended Montessori Complex High School in Karachi, Fauji Foundation Model School in Quetta, St. Joseph’s Convent School in Quetta, and Beaconhouse Juniper Campus in Quetta. Nida pursued Classes 4 and 5 in a school in Germany. She enrolled herself at the University of Karachi, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in physics (Hons.). After completing her graduation, Nida aspired to pursue a career in hotel management. She received training at Karachi Marriott Hotel for almost two years. She wanted to pursue a course in hotel management at a college in Lausanne, Switzerland. Therefore, she started acting in Pakistani dramas to gather funds for her course fee. However, she soon dropped the idea of hotel management as she realised that the salaries of hoteliers in Pakistan were quite negligible. After that, she continued to work as an actress.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Weight (approx.): 60 kg

Hair Colour: Medium Golden Brown

Eye Colour: Hazel Grey

Figure Measurements (approx.): 34-30-36


Nida Yasir belongs to a Muslim family.

Parents & Siblings

Nida’s father, Kazim Pasha, is a Pakistani television director and producer.

Nida Yasir with her father Kazim Pasha

Her mother’s name is Fehmida Nasreen. She passed away on 7 February 2021.

Nida Yasir with her mother Fehmida Nasreen

Nida has two sisters, Saweera Pasha and Sina Pasha. Saweera is an anchor and journalist, while Sina is a film director. Nida has a younger brother, Talha Pasha.

Nida Yasir (right) with her sister, Saweera Pasha

Nida Yasir (left) with her sister, Sina Pasha

Nida Yasir with her younger brother Talha Pasha

Husband & Children

On 2 June 2002, Nida Yasir got married to Yasir Nawaz, a Pakistani director, producer, screenwriter, actor, and former model.

Nida Yasir with her husband, Yasir Nawaz

They met on the sets of the telefilm Muhabbat. At first, Nida rejected Yasir’s proposal because he belonged to a different ethnicity, Sindhi. In an interview, Nida talked about how she met Yasir and the impression he laid on her and said,

Yasir’s first impression of me was horrible. He was a senior actor and had worked with Mehreen Jabbar, Humayun Saeed, and Sania Saeed. He was very arrogant. He used to think too highly of himself. I think he was too proud of his fair complexion. When I first got a role with him, I was happy because I was cast alongside him because he was an older actor. I was all ready and he ditched us on the shoot that day. The shoot was canceled because of him. I told him he was very arrogant, but then the impression I had of him changed. His sense of humor was so great that I had so much fun working with him.”

Together, they have two sons, Balaj Yasir and Fareed Yasir, and a daughter, Silah Yasir.

Nida Yasir with her son Farid Yasir

Nida Yasir with her son Balaj Yasir

Nida Yasir with her daughter, Silah Yasir

Other Relatives

Nida’s father-in-law’s name is Fareed Nawaz Baloch, who was a Pakistani television and radio artist. He died on 15 December 2001, at the age of 55, in Karachi, Pakistan.

Picture of Nida Yasir’s father-in-law Fareed Nawaz Baloch

Her brother-in-law’s name is Danish Nawaz Baloch, a Pakistani actor, director, and comedian. Nida’s sister-in-law’s name is Anzalna Nawaz.

Nida Yasir’s brother-in-law, Danish Nawaz Baloch


Nida Yasir follows Islam.



In 2001, Nida Yasir acted in the show Sub Set Hai on Indus Vision. In 2009, she appeared as Nida in the television show Nadaaniyaan on Geo TV.

Nida Yasir in a still from the Pakistani television show Nadaaniyaan on Geo TV

In 2010, Nida played the role of Saima in the television show Hum Tum on Geo TV. In 2013, she made a guest appearance in the TV show Yeh Zindagi Hai on Geo TV.


In 2012, Nida made her debut as a host with the show Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital.

Nida Yasir, while hosting the show Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital

In 2021, she hosted the show GMP Shan-e-Suhoor on ARY Digital.


In 2009, Nida made her debut as a producer with the television show Nadaaniyaan on Geo TV.

Poster of the television show Nadaaniyaan (2009) on Geo TV

In 2010, she produced the Pakistani telefilm Baal Baal Bach Gaye, which was telecast on Geo TV. In 2015, she co-produced the Pakistani film Wrong No., along with her husband, Yasir Nawaz. In 2017, she produced the Pakistani romantic comedy film Mehrunisa V lub u. In May 2022, Nida produced the film Chakkar.


In 2019, Nida made a cameo appearance in the Pakistani comedy film Wrong No. 2. In 2021, she played the role of Mahi in the telefilm Uff Yeh Biwiyaan on YouTube.

Poster of the telefilm Uff Yeh Biwiyaan on Ary Digital

In the same year, she appeared in a commercial for the product Iqbal Bnaspati Ghee.



Slammed for insensitively interviewing the parents of a rape victim

In 2020, Nida attracted controversy when she invited the parents of a 6-year-old rape victim, Marwah, on her show Good Morning Pakistan and asked them insensitive questions about the rape and murder of their child. Nida faced fierce criticism on social media for enquiring about the sequence of events during her rape. She was blamed for showing unprofessional and inhumane behaviour by inviting the parents of Marwah for the sole purpose of increasing the TRP of the show. Some of the questions she asked relentlessly from Marwah’s parents were like How did you recognise her? Oh, she was wearing the same trouser? and How did you realise she had been raped? and many more. Nida’s act received widespread criticism as the hashtag #BanNidaYasir trended on Twitter in Pakistan. Later, Nida apologised for hurting the sentiments of her fans and audience and said,

First of all, I would like to apologise. If I have said or asked anything inappropriate be it intentionally or unintentionally, I ask for your forgiveness. When media support is given to such cases, the relevant authorities start to work faster. Cases of such nature almost happen on a daily basis and you don’t even find out about them. After the request of Marwah’s family, I felt that I should leave everything else and help them. God is my witness that I didn’t do the segment for any sort of TRP. You will not believe it but two days after my show, Marwah’s rapist was caught. Her family is very grateful to me. They are poor people and were in a dire state before they got some financial support because of our show.”

Appeal to ban Nida’s show

In November 2021, Nida invited pairs of real-life mothers-in-law and their daughters-in-law to have a debate between them on her morning show Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital. The debate in the show allegedly promoted a regressive mentality of mothers-in-law towards their daughters-in-law. As soon the clips of her show went viral on social media, users started bashing her for coming up with controversial content on the show and demanded a ban on her show through tweets.

Criticized for Mocking the Hijab

In March 2022, Nida invited Waqar, a male makeup artist, on her show Good Morning Pakistan for giving a tutorial to the viewers on how to wear a hijab. Wearing a hijab is a Muslim tradition in which women cover their heads in public as a gesture of religious devotion. After the telecast of the episode, she was criticized for wearing the hijab from a na-mehram, a person who is lawfully eligible for a Muslim woman to marry.  Apparently, a Muslim woman must keep a veil from na-mehrams. Additionally, she was trolled for asking for tips from the makeup artist on how to make the face look slimmer while wearing the hijab as the moral brigade believed that one should not care about appearances while wearing a hijab, as the main purpose of a hijab is to cover the head.

Accused of planting fake audience

Nida was accused of planting fake audiences to increase the TRP of the show Good Morning Pakistan, hosted by her. She was accused of inviting actors on the show who represented themselves as a victim and showcased their problems to gain sympathy from the audience, which eventually catapulted their stardom.

Rabia Anum walked out of Nida Yasir’s show

In November 2022, Rabia Anum, a television host and anchor walked out of Nida’s show Good Morning Pakistan after she learned that actor Mohsin Abbas Haider was also on the guest list for the episode. Apparently, Haider was accused of physically abusing his wife, Sohail, in 2019. She refused to share the space with an alleged physical abuser. During the show, Rabia revealed the reason behind leaving the show midway and said,

There’s an issue close to me, for which I have taken a very strong stance. When I came to your show today, I knew Fiza will be here but I wasn’t informed of any other guests. I have taken a stand against domestic abuse. And I think if my smallest effort can save my daughter, my friend tomorrow, then I have to comply. But if I sat through this show today, I won’t be able to face my friends, my colleagues, or any victim tomorrow. I hope you can forgive me. For this reason, I don’t want to be a part of this show.”


  • 2012: Best Morning Show Host for the show Good Morning Pakistan at the Pakistan Media Awards
  • 2018: Best Morning Show Host Award for the show Good Morning Pakistan at the Pakistan Achievement Awards

    Nida Yasir posing with her award of Best Morning Show Host at the  Pakistan Achievement Awards 2018

  • 2019: Best Morning Show Host Award for the show Good Morning Pakistan at the Pakistan Achievement Awards
  • 2021: Best Morning Show Host Award for the show Good Morning Pakistan at the ARY People Choice Awards

    Nida Yasir posing with her Best Morning Show Host Award at the ARY People Choice Awards


  • Colour(s): White, Pink, Peach, Lilac
  • Pakistani Drama(s): Yeh Na Thi Humari Qismat, Mere Humsafar
  • Face Wash: Shiseido ( a Japanese cosmetic brand)


  • Nida follows a non-vegetarian diet.
  • Nida is trained in the Indian classical dance form, Kathak.
  • In 2021, a clip from Nida’s show Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital went viral on social media in which she was seen asking irrelevant questions from her guests. She was heavily criticised for asking ill-researched questions about Formula 1 cars while interviewing her guests Abdul Aleem and Mohammad Shariq War. Abdul and Mohammad are former students of Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi, who had built an electric racing car and represented Pakistan in the Formula SAE Lincoln competition in 2016. Her questions clearly showed that she had not researched well as she was unaware that the Formula 1 cars are single-seater racing cars. Some of the social media users bashed her with their tweets like-
  • Nida, in an interview, revealed that she had trust issues with her husband, Yasir Nawaz and said,

    Yes, I do doubt Yasir a lot. I don’t know but this a manufacturing fault in me, I can’t stop doubting him. Yasir has changed a lot but my habit is still the same and I can’t help it. I know it’s bad.”

  • In 2021, Yasir Nawaz mimicked Nida and made a parody video on her viral Formula 1 car controversy.
  • Nida has been featured on the cover of various magazines like Fashion Collection and Hello Pakistan.

    Nida Yasir on the cover of Fashion Collection magazine

    Nida Yasir on the cover of Hello Pakistan magazine