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Niki Mehra


Niki Mehra is an Indian model, blogger, and social media influencer who is well-known for her unique and bold style of fashion. She blogs about various beauty tips, fashion hacks, travel destinations, lifestyle, etc., under the hashtags: #NMRethinks and #hacksbyniki.


Niki Mehra was born as Nikita Mehra on Monday, 2 August 1993 (age 27 years; as of 2020), in New Delhi, India. She pursued an honours degree in economics at Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. Thereafter, she pursued a master’s degree in economics at the South Asian University, New Delhi. Since childhood, Niki was fond of makeup and fashion. During her childhood days, she used to wear her mother’s makeup and click pictures all the time. In an interview, she said,

My mom has studied fashion design and my dad is a hardcore business guy so I think I always had the knack for fashion entrepreneurship. As I grew older, I really started enjoying fashion and makeup and I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

Niki Mehra’s childhood picture

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 5″

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Family & Caste

Parents & Siblings

Niki Mehra’s father, Rajiv Mehra, is an entrepreneur. Her mother, Rakhi Mehra, is a fashion designer, and her brother, Sankarshan Mehra, is an investment banker.

Niki Mehra with her mother

Niki Mehra with her father and brother

Relationships, Husband & Children

In a Tedx Talks video, she talked about her past relationship which ended in 2016. She mentioned that the reason behind the breakup was her ex-boyfriend’s parents who weren’t comfortable with Niki displaying her lifestyle over her social media accounts. Later, in 2018, Niki met Sid Madan, who is a fashion entrepreneur, during the London Fashion Week, and their work trip soon turned out to be the onset of their relationship.

Niki Mehra with her boyfriend Sid Madan


In 2016, while pursuing her master’s degree, she realised that economics was not her passion, therefore, she partly ventured into the fashion blogging for recreation because her academics were quite tough and challenging. Surprisingly, by the end of 2016, she gained significant growth in her audience, hence, she decided to pursue blogging full-time. In an interview, she said,

This whole plan of mine was a secret. Nobody other than my best friend who helped me click pictures for my blog knew about it. I had told myself if I am not able to connect to those many individuals in a year, then nobody ever has to know and I can go back to the life I had worked towards for 23 years; that of being an economist.”

While her blog was budding progressively, she made her way to Paris by winning the ‘Style Your Way to Paris Contest’ organised by the leading crystal jewellery brand, Swarovski. She was hired as a brand ambassador for Swarovski’s international campaign.

Niki Mehra campaigning for Swarovski in Paris

Another golden milestone which marked Niki Mehra’s career came when she was chosen by the high-end sportswear brand ‘Puma’ to interview the Hollywood celebrity, Rihanna, about the launch of her beauty brand ‘Fenty collection.’

Niki Mehra with Rihanna

Later, she was featured in the spreads of popular magazines like Cosmopolitan India, Grazia, Wedlook and Vogue India. Through her widely recognized blogs and other social media platforms, she was able to earn a regular income. Thereafter, she collaborated with various brands like Maybelline, Kerastase, H&M, Forever21, Amazon, etc.

Niki Mehra on the cover page of Wedlook magazine

Favourite Things

  • Cuisine(s): Chinese and Indian
  • TV Show: Game of Thrones (2011)


    • Niki Mehra occasionally drinks alcohol.
  • During her school days, Niki was a brilliant student and wanted to become an economist. It was due to the exhausting academic curriculum that she decided to start blogging for recreation, which she later pursued full-time.
  • To her utter disappointment, she was slammed and taunted by her relatives who considered modelling and fashion to be a disrespectful career option. Although her mother was supportive throughout her career, Niki’s family often compared her to her well-settled brother who is a graduate from IIM Ahmedabad and is working as an investment banker. In an interview, she said,

     My family wasn’t comfortable with the idea of me venturing into this field, partly because the concept was so new in India that barely anyone understood it and partly because I had given up a fancy job and was working from home aka in their eyes ‘sitting idle’ with no money.”

  • In 2018, Niki Mehra revealed that she will appear as a contestant in an international fashion reality show The Fashion Hero Season-2 (2021), a modelling contest which aims at celebrating diversity and overturning the perception of beauty.

  • In March 2020, Niki Mehra’s boyfriend, Sid Madan, proposed to Niki in London, England. The extravagant proposal was a recreation of their first date when they met at the London Fashion Week (2018). Two year later, with the London Eye in the backdrop, Sid recreated the same romance, meanwhile, Niki only thought it was their second anniversary celebration. The surprise proposal went viral on the internet.