Shehbaz Sharif (Politician) Age, Caste, Wife, Children, Family, Biography & More

Shehbaz Sharif


Shehbaz Sharif is a Pakistani politician who became the 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan on 11 April 2022. He is also the president of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) party.


Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif was born on Sunday, 23 September 1951 (age 70 years; as of 2021) in Lahore, Pakistan. His zodiac sign is Virgo. He attended St. Anthony High School, Lahore. He pursued a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) at Government College University, Lahore.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Hair Colour: White

Eye Colour: Black


Shehbaz was born in a Punjabi-speaking Kashmiri political family in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Shehbaz Sharif when he was a youngster

Parents & Siblings

Shehbaz’s father’s name is Muhammad Sharif who was a businessman.

Shehbaz Sharif’s father

His father came to the village of Jati Umra in Amritsar district, Punjab from Anantnag at the beginning of the 20th century with his family. His mother’s name was Shamim Akhtar who passed away in 2022.

Shehbaz Sharif’s mother

He has two brothers, Nawaz Sharif, who is a politician, and Abbas Sharif, who is a businessman and politician.

Shehbaz Sharif with his brother Nawaz

Shehbaz Sharif with his brothers

Between 1990 and 2017, his brother Nawaz Sharif was elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan thrice. Shehbaz said that his brother Nawaz had given him all the knowledge about politics. In 2018, Shehbaz became the president of the Pakistan Muslim League-N because his brother Nawaz Sharif was arrested in connection with the Panama Papers case, and he was removed from the position of the president of Pakistan Muslim League-N. After becoming the president of the party, Shehbaz said,

I believe Nawaz Sharif is the only Pakistani politician and leader that can be called Jinnah’s political heir. We are lucky to have been blessed with a Quaid [leader] like Nawaz Sharif.”

Wife & Children

Sources claim that Shehbaz has married five times. He married Begum Nusrat Shahbaz in 1973 when he was twenty-three years old. It was also reported that Shehbaz went against his family to marry Begum Nusrat Shahbaz.

Shehbaz Sharif’s wife Begum Nusrat Shahbaz and his sons

After the death of his first wife in 1993, he married Aaliya Honey, who was a model. Reportedly, he got a bridge constructed that was named after his wife, Aaliya Honey. Later, they got divorced. In the same year, he married Nilofer Khosa, who became his third wife. They also got divorced. In 2003, he married Tehmina Durrani, who is an author.

Shehbaz Sharif with his wife, Tehmina Durrani

In 2012, he married Kalsoom Hai, who is an author.

Shehbaz Sharif’s wife, Kalsoom Hai

Later, they got divorced. Presently, he lives with his wife Tehmina Durrani. He has two sons, Suleman Shahbaz, who is the former CEO of Sharif Group, and Hamza Shahbaz Sharif, who is a politician, and he has three daughters, Rabia Imran, Khadija Shehbaz, and Javeria Shahbaz Sharif with his first wife, Begum Nusrat Shahbaz.


Shehbaz follows Islam.

Shehbaz Sharif’s Instagram post about his religion


Shehbaz is a Sunni Muslim.


Shehbaz belongs to the Bhat Kashmiri tribe.


Shehbaz resides at Raiwind Palace in Jati Umrah Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan which is his ancestral house.


Shehbaz Sharif’s signature

Political Career

Shehbaz began his political career in 1988 when he was elected to the Provincial Assembly of Punjab in the 1988 Pakistan general election. In 1990, he was elected to the Provincial Assembly of Punjab for the second time in the Pakistani general election and the National Assembly of Pakistan. However, his term ended in 1990. In 1993, he was again elected to the Provincial Assembly of Punjab in the Pakistani general election. In 1997, he became the Chief Minister of Punjab. In 1999, both Nawaz and Shehbaz went into exile in Saudi Arabia and returned back in 2007. After returning to Pakistan in 2007, he again became the Chief Minister of Punjab. In 2013, he became the Chief Minister of Punjab for the third time. In 2018, he became the Leader of the Opposition in the National assembly election. On 11 April 2022, Shebaz was elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan during the no-confidence motion going on against former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Shehbaz became the Prime Minister after Imran Khan was removed from the post.

Shehbaz Sharif while taking oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi congratulated Shehbaz through a Twitter post and wrote,

India desires peace and stability in a region free of terror, so that we can focus on our development challenges and ensure the well-being and prosperity of our people.”

In a Twitter post, Shehbaz thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his wishes and wrote,

Thank you Premier Narendra Modi for felicitations. Pakistan desires peaceful & cooperative ties with India. Peaceful settlement of outstanding disputes including Jammu & Kashmir is indispensable. Pakistan’s sacrifices in fighting terrorism are well-known. Let’s secure peace.”

On 4 March 2024, he took oath as the 24th Prime Minister of Pakistan.


Shehbaz acquitted in Sabzazar encounter case

In 1999, Shehbaz attracted controversy when an FIR was filed against him in a fake encounter case. The complainant, Saeeduddin, stated that the police were given the command to kill his son and other men by Shehbaz. In 2003, Shehbaz was unable to appear in the anti-terrorism court as he was in exile. In 2004, he was not given permission to enter Pakistan and was asked to return back to Saudi Arabia. In 2007, when Shehbaz and his brothers returned to Pakistan, he was arrested in connection to the 2003 encounter case. Later in 2007, Shehbaz said that the charges against him were politically motivated because of which he got bail.

Panama Papers case

In June 2017, he was involved in the Panama Papers case that involved a leak of 11.5 million confidential documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. He was later investigated for more than 3 hours before the Joint Investigation Team.

Backing Imran Khan’s ex-wife

In 2018, former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife Reham Khan wrote a book on her life in which she also mentioned her marriage with Imran Khan. In the book, she wrote many things against Imran due to which he blamed Shehbaz for supporting Reham Khan, and he also alleged that the book was published prior to the 2018 Pakistani general elections to damage his image.

Bribery case against Shehbaz

In 2019, Shehbaz was involved in a controversy after his name was highlighted in the Ashiana Iqbal Housing scam case that started in 2010 in Punjab. He was accused of giving the contract of the project to his close bidders rather than giving it to successful bidders when he was the Chief Minister of Punjab from 2013 to 2018.

Money laundering case

In 2020, the National Accountability Bureau arrested Shehbaz for the money laundering of over Rs. 7,328 million in a scheme in which his family members were also involved.



  • Shehbaz Sharif’s hobbies include watching cricket, reading Iqbal’s poems, swimming, playing badminton, and learning different languages.
  • After completing his graduation in 1985, he joined his family business Ittefaq Group and became the president of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • From 1993 to 1996, Shehbaz had to stay in London due to his medical conditions. At that time, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi became the opposition leader.
  • When Shehbaz was the Chief Minister of Punjab, he worked on areas like health, education, and the environment. He introduced the idea of aptitude tests and self-finance schemes in education.
  • He introduced the metro bus service between Islamabad and Rawalpindi and attended its inauguration on 5 June 2015.

    Shehbaz Sharif during the inauguration of the metro bus service

  • In December 2019, Shehbaz and his son were involved in a money laundering case because of which the National Accountability Bureau froze 23 properties of them.
  • He likes reciting Urdu poems and is often seen reciting poems of various Urdu poets in his official meetings.
  • While addressing the media, he refers to himself as Khadim-i-Aala (chief servant rather than the chief minister).
  • He often posts pictures of his granddaughters on social media.

    Shehbaz Sahrif with his granddaughters

  • He often posts pictures of his workout on social media.

    Shehbaz Sharif working out