Sophia Amoruso Biography, Age, Books, Spouse, Nasty Gal and Girlboss

Sophia Amoruso


Sophia Amoruso Biography

Sophia Amoruso an American businesswoman known as the Founder of Nasty Gal, a retailer of young women’s’ fashion as well as her other creation, Girlboss Media, a resource for women in the millennial generation to progress professionally and personally. Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy before Amoruso formed Girlboss Media.

She is also an Author having penned #GIRLBOSS, her autobiography from 2014, “Nasty Galaxy” and “The Girlboss Workbook: An Interactive Journal for Winning at Life”. Netflix adapted #GIRLBOSS into a television series by the same name.

Sophia Amoruso Age

Amoruso was born in San Diego, California, United States in the year 1984.

Sophia Amoruso Career

Amoruso while at community college, she served at an Francisco’s Academy of Art University as a security guard. At the age of 22, she started an online store on eBay and named it Nasty Gal Vintage. The name is from funk singer Betty Davis’ 1975 album. She sold vintage clothing and other items through her store and shipped the products herself. After 6 years, the store became a 100 million dollar business. She was banned from eBay in 2008 and she decided to make the business it’s own retail website.

Nasty Gal’s revenue rose from $223,000 in 2008 to almost $23 million in 2011. She as well named among Inc. Magazine’s 30 under 30 list in 2013. In 2014, her autobiography #GIRLBOSS was published by Portfolio, a Penguin imprint that specializes in books about business and Netflix adapted it into her television series in 2016. However, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in November 2016 and Amoruso stepped down as executive chairwoman.

Sophia Amoruso Nasty Gal

She sold Nasty Gal to Boohoo Group in February 2017 for $20 million. She founded another venture, Girlboss Media. This is a company that creates editorial content, videos, and podcasts aimed at a female audience.

She made the company grew by holding rallies known as “Girlboss Rallies”, weekend-long instructional events for young entrepreneurs for around $500-$1400. It’s main goal is to encourage millennial women to follow through with their different personal and professional pursuits. Many women use this resource to find others like them in their pursuits.

Sophia Amoruso Books

2017 – The Girlboss Workbook: An Interactive Journal for Winning at Life
2016 – Nasty Galaxy
2014 – #Girlboss

Sophia Amoruso Television roles

2017 – Girlboss as Executive producer and writer for 13 episodes
2015 – Pop Culture Underground as Herself in the episode: “Style”
2015 – Project Runway All Stars as a Guest Judge in the episode: “Some Like It Hot Dog”
2012 – House of Style for 2 episodes

Sophia Amoruso Net Worth

Amoruso has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Sophia Amoruso Family

Sophia is of Greek, Italian, and Portuguese ancestry. She stayed with both her parents until their divorce while she was in high school and she relocated to Sacramento, California.

She was home-schooled after she was diagnosed with depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). She as well took up jobs while growing up, with her first being at a Subway restaurant.

While she was young she went hitchhiking on the West Coast, stole and did dumpster diving. She was as well got stealing in 2003, was fined by the store and this led her stop the act. She then relocated to San Fransisco from Portland and community college.

Sophia Amoruso Husband

Amoruso was previously married to Joel DeGraff in 2015 until their divorce in 2017. In an interview in 2017, she said that DeGraff just walked out of their marriage, just before her company Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy. She as well talked of moving on to dating an old friend but did not mention his name but spoke of him passionately.