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Strela Thounaojam Luwang


Strela Thounaojam Luwang is an Indian television anchor, model, film actress, social activist, singer, writer, and winner of the 2nd Runner-Up title at Femina Miss India 2023. She won the titles, Femina Miss India Manipur 2023 and Miss Manipur 2017. Apart from all this, she was one of the top finalists at the Miss Diva Northeast 2016-17.


Strela Thounaojam Luwang aka Thounaojam Strela Luwang was born on Tuesday, 5 June 2001 (age 22 years; as of 2023) in Manipur, India. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini. She is a native of Uripk town in Imphal, Manipur. She did her schooling at Little Rose Higher Secondary School, Imphal and graduated in International Business from Manipal University, Jaipur. During her schooling days, she suffered from anxiety and epilepsy attacks and was compelled to leave the school for a few years. She was taken to Chennai by her father for her treatment. After attending dance and yoga classes, she was successfully able to overcome her mental health issues.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″

Weight (approx.): 50 kgs

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Dark Brown

Figure Measurements (approx.): 34-26-34


She belongs to a Thounaojam family.

Parents & Siblings

Her father’s name is Thounaojam Ratan Luwangcha and he is a well-known photographer. Her mother’s name is Ashalata Chingsubam.

Strela Thounaojam Luwang’s mother Ashalata Chingsubam

Strela is the sixth child of her parents among all her eight siblings. She is very close to her father who helped her a lot in her struggles to overcome epilepsy and anxiety attacks at a tender age.

Strela Thounaojam Luwang with her family

One of her sisters’ name is Antara Thounaojam and she is a Biomimetic Aesthetic Dentist.

Strela Thounaojam Luwang with her sister Antara Luwang

Husband & Children

She is unmarried.



She stepped into the world of modelling by becoming a model for Eicher Motors. She also modelled in one of the Garnier Fashion Weeks. She has modelled for several brands like Reliance Trends, ORRA Jewellery, Colorbar Cosmetics, Miren, and many more.

Strela Thounaojam Luwang in Orra Jewellery ad

Beauty Pageants

She is the winner of the title “Miss Manipur 2017.” In 2016 also, she tried to contest the title of Miss Manipur but her application was rejected for not meeting the requirements of the contestants for Miss Manipur having passed at least matriculation.

Strela Thounaojam Luwang as the winner of “Miss Manipur 2017”

She was one of the top finalists of Miss Diva Northeast 2016-17 and won the title of Miss Rampwalk. She gave the auditions twice for the title of Miss India but couldn’t get through. However, in 2023, she won the 2nd Runner-Up title at Femina Miss India.

Strela Thounaojam Luwang as the winner of the 2nd Runner-Up title at Femina Miss India 2023

Apart from this, she won the two sub-titles at Femina Miss India 2023, Colorbar Miss Glamourous Look and Trends Miss Style Icon during the top 30 round of the beauty pageant.

Strela Thounaojam Luwang as “Colorbar Miss Glamourous Look,” Femina Miss India 2023


She was part of the film “Who Said Boys Can’t Wear Make Up,” directed by Priyakanta Laishram. The film is the Northeast’s first film on gender equality and makeup released in 2018.


She has done anchoring for Impact TV.

Strela Thounaojam Luwang anchoring at Manipur Sangai Festival 2018 on Impact TV

She also appeared on “Khangminasi Manipur “by Impact TV Imphal in February 2023.

Strela Thounaojam Luwang on Khangminasi Manipur, Impact TV (2023)

Social Activism

She is a social activist and often speaks about creating mental health awareness and a child-friendly education system after her experience with epilepsy and anxiety attacks at a very young age. In an interview, she said,

Anyone can be suffering from some mental breakdown or issues, but what we see on the face is very deceiving, so when someone opens up, please don’t shoo them away, saying they are lying and faking for attention. In the future, as a child who survived school bullying, I must say bullying doesn’t just come from classmates and colleagues; it can also come from teachers; after I got my anxiety attacks, It was traced back to how I was being treated in class. Thus, my ultimate aim or plan for the future is to encourage child-friendly education without the discrimination of any gender identity.”

She is a supporter of “Ketto India,” Asia’s crowdfunding platform for charitable causes and Child Help Foundation.

Other Work

She has been invited to judge and groom the contestants of several beauty pageants.

Strela Thounaojam Luwang as Miss Manipur 2022 Audition Judge


  • Influential People: Late Princess Diana of Wales
  • Quote: “If god sees that our plans may destroy us, he will destroy our plans to save us for the right time.”


  • She loves music and loves to play the guitar, Kalimba, and Ukulele.
  • During her schooling days, she suffered from depression from being scolded by teachers. Due to this, she suffered from anxiety and epilepsy attacks at a very young age. She was homeschooled for more than two years and during that time, she was all alone with no friends. Her father took her to Chennai for her treatment and she even attended dance and yoga classes to overcome this mental health issue. In her Class V, she was admitted to another school with a better environment.
  • She was very happy with the Femina Miss India, 2023 being held in her hometown, Manipur. According to her, this would give a lot of opportunities for the people of Manipur to explore the world of modelling and inspire them to become Miss India one day.
  • According to Strela, one of the proudest moments in her life was when she was able to help a cancer patient who was having seizures due to anxiety. She managed to do all this with the expertise she learnt from her first-aid classes in paramedics.
  • According to her, empathy, compassion, and deep thinking define her personality. And every woman should possess leadership qualities, empathy, and confidence in life.
  • One of the craziest rumours she heard about herself is that she is the writer of one of the best Manipur films.
  • She is a great singer and writer. She learnt the art of writing at the age of ten when she was struggling with depression.
  • In an interview, she said that she has faced a lot of financial issues with the preparation and her participation in the beauty pageant, Femina Miss India 2023. Unlike other contestants, she didn’t have enough money to buy expensive clothing and had to collect second-hand clothes for the event.
  • She is an environmentalist and is often seen planting trees on different occasions.

    Strela Thounaojam Luwang planting trees

  • She is a self-defence practitioner and has been a part of several Mixed Martial Arts teams.

    Strela Thounaojam Luwang with MMA team

  • She is an animal lover and has three pet cats, Tofu, Yuki, and Mini Tofu.

    Strela Thounaojam Luwang with her cat

  • In 2019, she made her appearance on K-Talks on the KIHOM channel on YouTube, sharing her various life experiences.

    Strela Thounaojam Luwang on K Talks, KIHOM channel (2019)

  • She loves pottery and horse riding.

    Strela Thounaojam Luwang doing pottery

  • Before her participation in Femina Miss India 2023, she took blessings from the Chief Minister of Manipur, N Biren Singh

    Strela Thounaojam Luwang seeking blessings of N Biren Singh

  • She follows a non-vegetarian diet.

    Strela Thounaojam Luwang’s Instagram story

  • At the age of 10, she found comfort in learning the “art of writing” while battling with depression.
  • In an interview, she shared her passion for writing and ceramic designing and often looks for several institutes that offer the ceramic designing courses.