Taelyn Dobson Bio, Wiki – Stepsister Of Nick Carter

Taelyn Dobson

Taelyn Dobson is the loving sister of Nick Carter, an American singer and a member of the vocal group Backstreet Boys. Aside from occasional television appearances, he starred in reality shows such as House of Carters and I (Heart) Nick Carter. She has sibling named, Bobbie Jean Carter, Aaron Carter, Angel Carter, Virginia Carter, Leslie Carter. Her net worth is estimated to be $16 million.

Taelyn Dobson Parents

Taelyn Dobson was born in Jamestown, New York, where her parents, Jane Elizabeth (née Spaulding, previously Carter) and Robert Carter, owned a bar called the Yankee Rebel in Westfield, New York. She has English, Welsh, Irish, and German ancestry. Several years later, when she was three and her brother was four, the family moved to Ruskin, Florida, near Tampa, and managed the Garden Villa Retirement Home, where they added to the family.

Taelyn Dobson Love Life

Taelyn Dobson is very private and doesn’t share any information about her past lovers. There are many rumors floating around about her love life and sexual orientation because of this.

She hasn’t made any official statement about her love life and people are left to speculate. The lack of concrete information allows for people to fill the gaps with their own theories, which can often be inaccurate.

Taelyn Dobson Age, Height and Weight

Taelyn Dobson age is 35 years old, as of 2023. Her height is 5 ft 10 inches (1.8 m) tall and weighs around 150 lbs (68 kgs).

Taelyn Dobson Siblings

There are seven children in the Carter family. Nick Carter, Bobbie Jean (B.J.) and Leslie are Aaron’s older siblings. His twin sister Angel is his younger sister. Besides his full siblings, Aaron had two half-siblings (Virginia Carter and Kaden Carter) and a stepsister (Taelyn Dobson).

While Aaron’s four siblings all work in the spotlight, whether through music, modeling, or participating in their family reality show The House of Carters in 2006, Nick and Angel have the most connections to the public. Both Nick and Angel have released solo albums and have made appearances on several reality shows. Nick has also been featured on the cover of Rolling Stone and has had his own reality show, I (Heart) Nick Carter. Angel has also had her own reality show, House of Carters, and has appeared in films and on television.

Who Is Taelyn Dobson’s Brother, Nick Carter?

Nick Carter is a member of the Backstreet Boys vocal group. Since 2015, Carter has released three solo albums, Now or Never, I’m Taking Off, and All American, as well as a collaboration with Jordan Knight called Nick & Knight.