The Big Show Show Season 1: Review, Cast, Plot, and Trailer Explained

Big Show Show Season 1

About what The Big Show Show is about? The show is about former professional wrestler Big Show takes on the challenges of raising three daughters alongside his wife. The show was announced on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast. It is an American sitcom web television series created by Josh Bycel and Jason Berger. The show premiered on Netflix on April 6, 2020. The series stars WWE wrestler Big Show, Allison Munn, Reylynn Caster, Lily Brooks O’Briant, and Juliet Donenfeld.

The Big Show Show Review

This has to be one of the great shows in a long time. The cast is amazing. The show is hysterically funny. With everything going on in the world with the epidemic, it’s exactly what we needed to lift our spirits. This show got off to a rocky start with bad acting from Paul Wight (Big Show), but as the episodes go on his acting gets way better and the story line is progressive from episode to episode. It gets super entertaining really fast! Really got to say starting to Love this show!!

The Big Show Show Cast

  1. Paul Wight / Big Show as himself: a pro wrestler who is adjusting to both retirement and his oldest daughter moving in with him and his family.
  2. Allison Munn as Cassy Wight: She plays the role of Show’s supportive wife and mother of Mandy and J.J. She works as a real estate agent.
  3. Reylynn Caster as Lola Wight: Show’s oldest daughter from his first marriage. She moves from Minnesota to Florida after her mother gets transferred to Brussels. She loves her father even though they can be competitive with each other.
  4. Lily Brooks O’Briant as Mandy Wight: Show’s middle daughter. She admires women leaders such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Leslie Knope. In the series, she is running for student body president.
  5. Juliet Donenfeld as Jennifer Jane “J.J.” Wight: Show’s youngest daughter. She is a precocious child that likes to hack into things.

The Big Show Show Trailer Explained

Watch below the trailer of The Big Show Show. The show features Big Show as a fictional version of himself. The premise features his teenage daughter moving in with him, his wife and an additional two daughters.