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Meat Loaf


Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday) an American actor and rock singer known for his powerful wide-ranging operatic voice and theatrical live shows. His Bat Out of Hell set of three of collections—Bat Out of Hell, Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell, and Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose has sold in excess of 50 million collections around the world. Over 40 years after its discharge, Bat Out of Hell still sells an expected 200,000 duplicates every year and remained on the graphs for more than nine years, making it a standout amongst other selling collections ever.

Meat Loaf Age

Loaf was born on September 27, 1947, in Dallas, Texas, U.S.

Meat Loaf Family

Loaf was born the only child to Wilma Artie, a school teacher and a member of the Vo-di-o-do Girls gospel quartet, and Orvis Wesley Aday, a former police officer who went into business with his wife and one of their friends as the Griffin Grocery Company, selling a homemade cough remedy.

Meat Loaf Education

Loaf In 1965 graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School, having began his acting career via school productions such as Where’s Charley? and The Music Man. After attending college at Lubbock Christian College, he transferred to North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas).

Meat Loaf Singer Wife

Loaf was firs married to Leslie G. Edmonds in 1979 and later divorced in 2001, the pair divorced. In 2007, He then married Deborah Gillespie. At the start of his 2012 tour in Austin on June 22, he announced that he was a new resident (1 month) of Austin, Texas. Loaf and his first wife Leslie are proud parents of one daughter, Amanda Aday currently a television actress. Meat Loaf was a vegetarian for ten years.

Meat Loaf Singer Songs

  • Braver Than We Are (2016)
  • Hell in a Handbasket (2011)
  • Hang Cool Teddy Bear (2010)
  • Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose (2006)
  • Couldn’t Have Said It Better (2003)
  • Welcome to the Neighbourhood (1995)
  • Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell (1993)
  • Blind Before I Stop (1986)
  • Bad Attitude (1984)
  • Midnight at the Lost and Found (1983)
  • Dead Ringer (1981)
  • Bat Out of Hell (1977)
  • Stoney & Meatloaf (1971) (with Shaun Murphy)

Meat Loaf Singer Bat Out Of Hell

Meat Loaf and Steinman started Bat Out of Hell in 1972 yet didn’t quit fooling around about it until the part of the bargain. Meat Loaf chose to leave the theater, and focus solely on music. At that point, the National Lampoon show Lemmings opened on Broadway and it required an understudy for John Belushi, a dear companion of Meat Loaf since 1972.

It was at the Lampoon demonstrate that Meat Loaf met Ellen Foley, the co-star who sang “Heaven by the Dashboard Light” and “Bat Out of Hell” with him on the collection Bat Out of Hell.After the Lampoon show finished, Meat Loaf and Steinman invested energy looking for a record bargain. Their methodologies were dismissed by each record organization in light of the fact that their tunes didn’t fit a particular perceived music industry style.

At long last, they played out the melodies for Todd Rundgren, who chose to deliver the collection, just as play lead guitar on it (different individuals from Rundgren’s band Utopia additionally loaned their melodic talents).They at that point shopped the record around, yet at the same time had no takers until Cleveland International Records chose to take a risk. In October 1977, Bat Out of Hell was at last discharged.

Meat Loaf and Steinman framed the band The Neverland Express to visit on the side of Bat Out of Hell. Their first gig was opening for Cheap Trick in Chicago. He increased national presentation as the melodic visitor on Saturday Night Live on March 25, 1978. The visitor has Christopher Lee presented him by saying, “And now women and men of honor I might want you to meet Loaf. (stops, looks confused) I ask your exculpation, what? (he tunes in to the chief’s aside) Oh! Why…why I’m heartbroken, indeed, of course…ah… Women and refined men, Meat Loaf!”

Bat Out of Hell has sold an expected 43 million duplicates all around (15 million of those in the United States), making it one of the most noteworthy selling collections ever. In the United Kingdom, alone, its 2.1 million deals put it in the 38th spot. Regardless of cresting at No. 9 and going through just two weeks in the best ten of every 1981, it has now timed up 485 weeks on the UK Albums Chart (May 2015), a figure bettered uniquely by Rumors by Fleetwood Mac-487 weeks.

In Australia, it thumped the Bee Gees off the number No. 1 spot and proceeded to turn into the greatest selling Australian collection ever for quite a long while. It is currently second on the rundown. Bat Out of Hell is likewise one of just two collections that have never left the Top 200 in the UK outlines; This makes it the longest remain in any music diagram on the planet, in spite of the fact that the distributed graph contains only 75 positions.

Meat Loaf Singer Net Worth

Loaf has an estimated net worth of $45 million

Meatloaf Singer Movies

  • Wishin’ and ‘Hopin’
  • Stage Fright
  • All American Christmas Carol
  • The Moment
  • Absolute Killers
  • Polish Bar
  • Beautiful Boy
  • Burning Bright
  • Citizen Jane
  • Tiger Force Forever: Unleashed
  • Meat Loaf: In Search of Paradise
  • History Rocks
  • Urban Decay
  • Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
  • The Pleasure Drivers
  • BloodRayne
  • Crazylove
  • Chasing Ghosts
  • Extreme Dating
  • A Hole in One
  • Learning Curves
  • Formula 51
  • Wishcraft
  • The Salton Sea
  • Polish Spaghetti
  • The 51st State
  • Focus
  • Trapped
  • Rustin
  • Face to Face
  • The Ballad of Lucy Whipple
  • Blacktop

Meatloaf Singer Tv Shows

  • Ghost Wars
  • Elementary
  • Fairly Legal
  • The Celebrity Apprentice
  • This Week
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Glee
  • WWF Raw
  • Popstar to Operastar
  • Monk
  • Ghost Hunters
  • Don’t Forget the Lyrics
  • Bookaboo
  • House
  • Masters of Horror
  • Tiger Force Forever: Unleashed
  • Hannity
  • The F Word
  • Go-Phone commercial
  • Private Sessions
  • Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve
  • Masters of Horror
  • The Outer Limits

Meat Loaf Singer Health

In 2011, Loaf fainted on stage while performing in Pittsburgh. He collapsed again while on stage in Edmonton on June 16, 2016, due to severe dehydration after having canceled two other shows due to illness. The playback containing his prerecorded vocal track in Edmonton continued while he lay unconscious on the stage. In 2019, while in Texas, Meat Loaf fell on stage and broke his collar bone.

Meat Loaf Singer Weight Loss

After Loaf collapsing on stage in Canada in 2016, he began a diet and started a fitness regime. He told Classic Rock magazine that he was ok and he has to go physical therapy for four days a week. While on diet, he lost nearly 20lbs.