Who Is The Boyfriend Of Sarah Talabi?

Sarah Talabi

Sarah Talabi is a model who has been seen with Timothee Chalamet on multiple occasions. It is rumored that the two are dating, although this has not been confirmed. Sarah is also friends with Kendall Jenner, which may be how she met Timothee. In addition to modeling, Sarah is also an actress and singer. She has appeared in music videos for Justin Bieber and Beyonce, and has also had roles in television shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl.

If Sarah is dating Timothee Chalamet, it would certainly be a high-profile relationship. Timothee is one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood right now, having starred in movies like Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird. He was also nominated for an Oscar for his role in Call Me By Your Name.

If Sarah Talabi is indeed dating Timothee Chalamet, we can expect to see more of them together in the future. They make a very good-looking couple and it would be interesting to see how their relationship progresses. Over the years, Sarah Talabi has become a well-known Nigerian fashion model, actor, author, producer, and activist who has amassed millions of followers on social media. Who Is The Boyfriend Of Sarah Talabi?

Sarah Talabi Boyfriend Timothee Chalamet

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Meanwhile, some believe she is dating Timothee Chalamet now since she has been seen handing out with him at Coachella on April 15, 2022. She has never responded to the allegation, and Timothee Chalamet has yet to speak about his current connection with Talabi Victoria in the media.

Sarah Talabi And Timothee Chalamet Coachella Incident

At the Swedish House Mafia’s Coachella performance this weekend, it was said that Rebecca Talabi was dancing and kissing Timothee Chalamet. She also uploaded several photographs from Coachella on her Instagram feed. However, she has not posted a single photo with Timothee Chalamet at Coachella. She has likewise avoided questions about public kissing involving Timothee Chalamet. On the other hand, she has stated that she is having a good time at the event with Timothee.

Sarah Talabi Age

Sarah Talabi was born on December 26, 1999, in Abuja, Nigeria, and she is now 22 years old. She has a twin sister named Leah Talabi who is a model. From thereon, she was an outspoken advocate for indigenous people’s and women’s rights.

The Instagram account of Ashraf Nabi, who goes by the name The Sarah Talabi, has 1.5 million followers. It seems like most of her fans are from Nigeria, the United States, and Canada.

Sarah Talabi Net Worth

According to various sources, Sarah Talabi’s net worth is between $1 million and $5 million. She has earned a large portion of her wealth from modeling and acting gigs. For example, she was in Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” music video, which has been viewed over 2.6 billion times on YouTube.

Similarly, she appeared in Beyonce’s “Lemonade” visual album. Furthermore, Sarah has had roles on television shows such as 90210 and Gossip Girl. In addition to that, she is a singer and has released songs like “No Lie” and “In My Feelings.” Sarah Talabi has amassed a large fortune through her various businesses and endorsement deals.

For instance, she is the ambassador of Nivea Nigeria. Furthermore, Sarah has done modeling work for companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Forever 21. In addition to that, she has also graced the covers of magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Cosmopolitan Nigeria. She also has 138 postings on her Instagram account as of this moment.